What I've Been Eating: Gluten Free Freezer Meals

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I am currently 40 weeks and 4 days pregnant with our baby! We look forward to his arrival and look forward to his coming in the coming days. I honestly feel so uncomfortable being pregnant late that I hope she comes tonight.

We have the baby clothes washed, the hospital bags packed, my mom in town to see the kids, and our freezer stocked with food. I thought about sharing some frozen meals that I've been preparing for the past two weeks!

Having some easy dinners ready to go in the freezer is always helpful when you have a new baby, but it's especially helpful when you're eating gluten-free!

I have found that the easiest way to stock the freezer is to make dinners as you normally would, but choose things that freeze well and double or triple the recipe. It is as easy to prepare a double batch of recipe as it is to prepare enough for a dinner.

For all of these meals, we dined part of the dinner the night I made it, then put the rest in the fridge overnight to let it cool completely before packing it in freezer bags. I recommend letting the food cool completely before packing it to freeze it especially when using plastic.

Something I always do in bulk to freeze for later is spaghetti sauce. I like this recipe from Pioneer Woman. The only change I make is to cut the amount of meat you use in half. I use around 3 pounds instead of 5 for the whole batch and that is enough. To defrost you can put a bag of sauce in the refrigerator overnight and then heat it in a pan. Or you can heat the frozen sauce in the microwave directly from the freezer. I like to serve this over my favorite Jovial Foods gluten-free spaghetti.

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I also like to make chili in bulk to freeze for later! We also eat this over gluten free spaghetti with a little cheddar cheese and a pinch of hot sauce. We call it "chili-mac" and my kids love this food. This is my favorite chili recipe to freeze.

This slow cooker Moroccan Apricot Chicken recipe is one of my favorite dinners! It freezes very well and is delicious on quinoa. I recommend thawing this in the fridge overnight for best results.

These slow cook pinto beans are an all time favorite recipe that I make over and over again. They freeze very well and can be used to make tostadas, burritos, tacos, or quesadillas. My kids love pinto bean toast. What a great easy meal!

Another favorite family recipe of all time in my house is this Sweet Island Slow Cooker Pork. Our favorite way to eat it is in tacos, but it's also great on rice. I duplicated the recipe and finished with dinner one night and 2 freezer meals.

My all-time favorite thing to freeze for breakfast is 100% Waffles Buckwheat! They are delicious directly from the freezer and into the toaster. I am addicted to them with justin's hazelnut chocolate butter. It is a tastier, dairy-free alternative to Nutella.

Turkey sweet potato hash is also a great thing to freeze in individual servings for easy breakfasts / meals. This is an excellent meal when you are breastfeeding and starving!

I also like to freeze healthy cookies and eat them directly from the freezer. Perfect for late night nursing snacks. I like to make my almond flour chocolate chip cookies or flourless almond butter cookies with coconut sugar and freeze them for later.

Those are all the meals I made in my baby freezer this time. I was going to make some healthy muffins (like these chocolate muffins with almond butter or these banana muffins with peanut butter and coconut flour) but I didn't have time. This is a LOT more preparation than before any of the guys, so I think we should be ready to go for a few weeks.

In fact, I have a complete frozen food section in my recipe index! The girl with crossed fingers arrives quickly and safely! What are your favorite gluten-free foods to freeze?

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