Vanilla pops with milk

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Easy and delicious, these low carb vanilla keto pudding pops take just a few minutes to prepare. Serious summer fun!

I love summer. I also love other seasons and when fall comes I will probably declare my love for the fall season with the same fervor. But right now, in the middle of summer, I'm falling in love a lot. As a first-year high school student who has just seen the site of the dreamy soccer team captain and believes she will never love anyone as much as he does. That sums up how I feel about summer right now. It helps that it wasn't incredibly hot this year (yet) and I don't find myself withering (yet). But let's see how August forms before saying I will never tire of the hot weather. If it's another scorch like last year, I can transfer my crush to the hockey team captain pretty quickly.

I think one thing I love about summer is the easy way to collect and prepare food. Walking to my garden to pick up a few zucchini, some tomatoes, and basil. Turn on the grill to quickly cook up some burgers, some chicken thighs, or salmon. Mix some ingredients and put them in popsicle molds for an easy, non-baked dessert. And everything tastes so good and so fresh, with much less effort on my part.

Ice popsicles are a staple in our home in the summer. In fact, I often have multiple varieties on the go at any time. Mix some yogurt and berries for easy kid-friendly snacks, or make a richer, more satisfying dessert or custard ice cream for dessert. They are almost guaranteed to be a success. These vanilla pops definitely were! My somewhat skeptical son took a bite out of it and said, "Mom, these are really good!" He is a man of few words, so you know that means a lot.

With Milk Pops vanilla

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