Tropical Paradise 5-fruit smoothie with coconut & lemon-flavored Greek yogurt


Wow! I think it's time this heat wave took a long walk from a short pier and leapt into the lake to cool off! LAUGH OUT LOUD! That actually sounds good, doesn't it? I so wanted to when I ran out and quickly clicked 4 shots in hopes that I got an even "ok" as you can see so I don't have to go out again! Even the birds are too hot to chirp! The only creatures that fully enjoy this are butterflies and ants! I think even the ferns are overheated when they seemed to say "thank you" and gently swung every time a breeze went by. This super hot weather is supposed to continue throughout the week so I see one LOT of smoothies in our future! They are so fun to make, light, healthy and get together quickly in the blender! I cut up and froze a nice fresh pineapple yesterday that added the most refreshing flavor! Along with the frozen bananas and strawberries, I knew it would be a delicious tropical blend. With the swirl of creamy lemon flavor with Greek yogurt, pineapple orange juice, sweet fluted coconut, a hint of honey and a sprinkle of vanilla, this became one of my best smoothies yet! (I was tempted to add a splash of rum in there, but it wasn't even dinner yet!) Maybe another day. 😉 This one came out super extra creamy, almost more like a milkshake, and was absolute dreammmmy! Something I could see is served on a tropical island, at the Tiki bar by the sea with cute little paper umbrellas! mmmmm, if I close my eyes, I'm there! You can dream! To say it enjoyed a lot doesn't even come close to doing it justice. I know you will really love this one! If you serve for company, you can even decorate the edge with a lovely, stuffed strawberry, a wedge of pineapple and a maraschino cherry, and of course, some of the little umbrellas! I just love the beautiful little umbrellas! So if you also suffer from this blast furnace from a heat wave, it is definitely cool down and healthy to boot. Heat always seems to drain the energy right out of me and it really helps to bring me back again. Enjoy and have a beautiful summer day!


2 servings

1 frozen banana, peeled and cut into 2 ″ pieces

1/2 rounded cup of frozen frozen strawberries

1/2 rounded cup of frozen frozen pineapple pieces

1 Tbl. honey

1/4 cup (packed) sweetened flat coconut

1 – 6 oz. container of Greek yogurt from Chobani Lemon

1 tsp. vanilla

1 – 6 oz. can Dole pineapple – orange juice


Put all ingredients in the blender addition in order. Blend on high until smooth. Pour into 2 large glasses. Garnish the edge with fresh fruit if desired and serve with straw.

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