Top 10 recipes of 2015

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The reader's 10 favorite recipes of 2015 in Dessert Now, Dinner Later! Recipes include: Thick and Chewy PB Crackers, Gender Reveal Muffins, Foolproof Flaky Crackers, Strawberry Cheesecake Stuffed Strawberries, Coconut Lime Muffins, Smoothie Coconut Ice Cream, Soft Baked Lemon Crackers, Slow Cooker Meat, Rainbow Muffins, and Rancho Chipotle.

I can't believe another year has passed! I am very grateful to be able to share my recipes online, so that people like you can prepare and enjoy them with your family. Thank you very much for supporting my blog and leaving comments about what you have tried and liked. It makes me very happy to hear what everyone does and loves!

Without further ado, here are the top 10 recipes this year! If you haven't tried them yet, put them on your list for future testing! May 2016 brings you many blessings and good food! I'm just going to go in order of the most popular first …

1) Thick and Chewy Peanut Butter Cookies – Many people have loved these cookies as much as we have. They are a perfect peanut butter cookie to add chocolate chips or pieces of reese to.

These thick, chewy peanut butter cookies are slightly crisp on the outside, tender and soft on the inside, plus just take them out and bake them! No rolling in sugar or pressing with a fork required!

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2) Gender Reveal Cupcakes – This was a fun way to reveal that we were having a baby this year. A blue heart is hidden in the middle, which can be easily changed to pink for a girl.

These gender reveal cupcakes have a pink, blue, and white swirl icing on top that hides the secret heart of color in the center of the cupcake that reveals baby's gender when you bite into it! (Step by step photographic tutorial)

3) Fool Proof Flaky Cookies: If you haven't learned the trick yet, you better head over and check out this step-by-step photo tutorial.

The secret of Foolproof Flaky Biscuits is revealed! Find out how to get flaky, buttery, and tender cookies that will pass out! (Tips, tricks and photo tutorial included!)

4) Strawberries stuffed with cheesecake: they are ridiculously easy and delicious. A great skinny recipe or patriotic dessert.

Try these easy strawberries filled with red, white, and blue cheesecake for a healthier patriotic dessert!

5) Lime and Coconut Cupcakes: I think it's safe to say that many of you are coconut and lime lovers like me. These are so humid and tropical!

These lime and coconut cupcakes are the perfect blend of tropical and citrus flavors, with a lime and coconut cupcake base, coconut cream cheese and toasted coconut icing on top!

6) No Churn Coconut Ice Cream – With just 2 ingredients and an amazing taste, I can see why this was a favorite this year! My husband still begs me to do this from time to time.

Smoothie-Free Coconut Ice Cream - Just 2 Ingredients To Make This Creamy And Smooth Coconut Ice Cream Without A Machine!

7) Baked Soft Lemon Cookies – Thick, soft, chewy, with a lemony flavor, these cookies are delicious! Lemon lovers MUST try these cookies!

These lemon cookies bake gently and have plenty of lemon zest, lemon juice, and lemon extract at all times for a delicious lemon treat!

8) Slow Cooker Meatloaf – We make this for Sunday dinner at least once a month, so I'm very happy to see that others like this recipe too! It is definitely one of our favorites.

This slow cooker meatloaf has delicious salty sweet brown sugar and balsamic frosting on top, and cooks on a sheet of parchment paper that easily lifts the meatloaf out of the slow cooker when you finish cooking .

9) Rainbow Cupcakes – I was so happy with how these cupcakes turned out! They are as fun to make as they are to eat with all the vibrant colors!

These Rainbow Cupcakes are made with a simple boxed white cake mix, colored and layered to make a rainbow, with whipped cream cheese frosting on top. (Photo tutorial, plus tips for baking cupcakes to perfection!)

… And last but not least… 10) Chipotle Ranch: If you like spicy foods, this dip / dressing has only 4 ingredients and is great with taquitos!

This 4-ingredient Chipotle Ranch is a delicious topping or topping!

Those are the 10 best recipes of 2015! Stick around for more delicious recipes in 2016! It's going to be good, I can feel it! ~ Amber

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