The tastiest sausages in Spain and typical dishes

Hello Cocinacas! We are sure that you have the best meats at home, because those are the ones you like best to eat as a starter or to satisfy hunger in the middle of the afternoon with a piece of bread, but you know all kinds of meats out there ?

In Spain it is very typical to use sausages as tapas or starters. If you're looking for other tapas or appetizer recipe ideas to snack on before starting the main course, we recommend beet hummus as a delicious and healthy option.

In the delicacies or in your supermarket you will find a counter in which the sausages, a wide variety of different types meats y cheeses. If it also happens to you while you are waiting for your turn to try to figure out what each of them is, keep reading as we try to allay some doubts.

In addition, we will see what they are the best sausages in Spain and we'll give you some ideas new dishes where you can enter them.

The sausages are prepared pieces of meat (especially pork), which are flavored with spices and aromatic herbs, before going through various processes and stuffing. For this reason serrano ham we cannot classify it as sausage. This is not filled but is a meat derivative within the group of salted.

Its origins go back to prehistoric times, when the need arose to extend the life of meat and its derivatives. The large sausage tree came in the Middle Ages, when families were fattening pigs and with the arrival of the cold they organized the slaughter. In it, the meat was used to make the sausages and the hind legs were reserved to heal in cured meat and later consumed as serrano ham. The murder season is currently continuing in the countryside, although technological advances allow the best sausages to be produced faster.

So what are the different types and where can we find the best?

Sausage classification

sausage and bread

According to the main ingredient, we can classify sausages into four types.

  • Meat sausages

They are best known and consumed: chorizo, salchichón, loin, sausage, fuet, butifarra, salami, chistorra or the boton from León.

The difference between chorizo and the sausage it depends on the size of the diameter of the casing in which the meat is filled. If it is larger than 22 millimeters, it is chorizo, and if it is less, sausage. With the sausage and the fuet something similar happens. If the housing has a diameter of more than 40 millimeters, salchichón is obtained and, if it is smaller, a fuel.

  • Guts sausages

It is those who, in addition to carrying meat, are made with the intestines of the animal, as is the case with the sausage.

  • Blood sausages

Especially the black pudding, It is made with boiled blood mixed with the fat of the pig. Depending on the area, other non-meat ingredients such as rice, onion or breadcrumbs are also added to this mixture.

  • The meats

Pink in color, they are the meat derivatives of more low quality. They are made with different parts of the pig and other fats, starch and connective tissue from the animal are usually added.

Some of them are cooked ham, turkey or chicken fillet, minced meat ”or mortadella.

In addition, within this classification, we can say that some of them are cooked, dried or fresh.

The tastiest sausages in Spain

Loin, fuet and other sausages

Due to the long meat tradition that exists in our country, we find a wide range of typical regional and quality sausages.

The chorizo, the salchichón and the loins They are very popular in different areas, such as Extremadura, Andalusia or almost all of Northern Spain.

Other typical sausages are the butifarra and the fuel of Catalonia; the chistorra from Navarre and the Basque Country; Aragon sausage; he botillo from the El Bierzo region (León); the black pudding from Burgos; the sobrasada Mallorca or the compango typical of Asturias, with which the Asturian bean stew is made.

The most common is to eat the sausages alone, accompanied by bread. In that case, it is important to take care of the presentation of the sausage and cheese tapas as, as they say, it is also eaten through the eyes.

If you are determined to use them as another main ingredient kinds of dishes, we propose several. You can make a good mountain stew, croquettes, like sobrasada, or these potato balls and chorizo.

Now is the time to tell us what it is your favorite sausage and what dishes do you cook with one of them. Certainly in the region where you live, there will be some popular sausages and many typical dishes.

Who hasn't wanted to go to the kitchen to cut a piece of chorizo?

We say goodbye, see you soon Cocinacas!

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