The Perfect Spicy Hot Bloody Mary

MANUFACTURING CHAMPIONS !!! Ha! Just for fun! 😉 But I enjoyed this amazing cocktail in the middle of the afternoon on the deck and it was the BEST Bloody Mary I have ever made or had! And unbelievably better than anyone I've ordered at any restaurant, bar or club, either.

I don't drink much "hard alcohol" almost never actually, but boy oh boy do I love a good Bloody Mary every now and then! And that was that Besides well!

I hadn't had one in years, and just out of the crystal clear blue sky had been honing after one yesterday. Fortunately, I wrote everything down as I went along for both of you and I'm doing repeatedly!

It might be a good idea to customize things to your own personal taste, maybe you prefer more lemon, more worcestershire or a bit more vodka 😉, but for me it was "just right".

I don't care too much about any of mine, but like I said, we all have different likes, thank goodness, or what a dull world it would be! So I would suggest you start as written, stir well, then taste and add to make your own personal set of taste buds happy! 🙂

I started by using some of the Spicy Hot V-8 left over from a batch of chili that was taken awhile before it went bad, and the extra spice that started with it made the fireball roll ! I went for it! And I did!

Everything except the kitchen sink went into this drink and it was hard not to slip it all down in a long gulp! I really had to slow myself down and pace myself by approx. half way through, because things went way too fast and waaay too easy! I wanted to enjoy this for as long as possible!

I really had to go in search of a decent and fun decoration that piled through the fridge and freezer for something that would really go well with this cocktail; and the hot and spicy pepperoni, the creamy and fiery pepper jack and the salty, crisp green olives filled with pimiento peppers were the trio to perfection as a compliment!

Extremely tasty when dipping too!

I was sorry I forgot about the fresh tomato slice and my last pepperoncini pepper, which I saved specifically for this, which should also have a "star look" but one more thing and I always wanted to pop!

Needless to say, I was glad I had an early and a lot light lunch because it was this baby very filling!!

If served with a warm, garlic parmesan bun, I swear I could enjoy this for lunch Any time! 😉 Don't judge, at least it has proteins, minerals and vitamins, the V-8 cup only has 50 calories with tons of vegetables (2 daily servings +) and a bit of dairy to boot! Right?

OK then, weeeelllll, maybe it wouldn't be healthiest lunch, and don’t even get me started on breakfast or brunch, but it certainly would be fun once in awhile, wouldn't it? 😉

One thing is for sure, I happen to have around "just enough" of the Spicy V-8 back for another. It will either freeze in one ice cream tray for later use, (HA!), Or make another tomorrow…. any bets? 😉

Have a nice day everyone and try not to take life too seriously. Always remember that life is a constant roller coaster. When things are bad, always know that something good is coming around the corner! 😉

Yield: 1 portion


  • 1 cup Spicy Hot V-8
  • 1/3 cup of good vodka, I used Gray Goose (* add more to a stronger cocktail)

1/4 teaspoon each:

  • celery salt
  • coarsely ground black pepper
  • Worcestershire sauce
  • Frank's Red Hot or Louisiana Hot Sauce, * more if you like the hotter
  • lemon juice concentrate (or key lime juice like Nellie & Joe's)
  • olive juice from the jar with green olives

1/8 tsp. every:

  • Old Bay spices
  • prepared extra hot horseradish

1/16 tsp .:

  • Relax Ya Mama Cajun spices
  • garlic powder, optional but very good!

Decorate with:

  • several strokes each of coarsely ground and plain black black pepper
  • several strikes of celery salt
  • (Br)

Plus any of the following goodies:

  • whole celery rib and / or garden carrot with leaves
  • fresh zucchini or cucumber skewers
  • fresh tomato slice, (cut slit halfway and hang on edge)
  • lemon or lime slice or wedge
  • stuffed green olives (pimiento, garlic or blue cheese)
  • pickled onions
  • cocktail pickles
  • hot pepperoni or spicy salami slices
  • cheese
  • green onions
  • pickled peppers such as pepperoncini, jalapeño or cherry
  • small hard boiled egg
  • crispy baked thick-cut bacon strips


  • Mix cocktail ingredients in a glass jug, stir well, refrigerate in the fridge for an hour to melt if desired. (* Otherwise, add ingredients to a large stone glass or drinking glass, stir well, then add a small handful of ice cream and continue.)
  • Pour the cooled mixture into an optional glass over a little ice cream, sprinkle with coarse, ground black pepper, plain black pepper and a light dusting of celery salt.
  • Then decorate to your heart's desire! Enjoy!
  • * Double this recipe to perfectly fill a wall glass mug with little space to add a splash of ice!
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