The best YouTube channels for home training

The best YouTube channels for home training. Free, convenient and versatile!

I am so grateful that there are many opportunities on YouTube for training! It's such a blessing. After my first son was born 11 years ago, training DVD's is the only way for me to work out at home. Now the settings on YouTube are ENDLESS! Which can sometimes feel overwhelming. That is why today I share my favorite YouTube training channels and some tips for navigating YouTube to find exactly what workout you are looking for.

YouTube training channels are amazing for so many reasons! It's free, convenient and versatile. It's great for those who can't get to the gym or just prefer to work out from home.

Prioritizing exercise is one of the best things you can do for your health and happiness.

There are MANY reasons, but here are a few …

Improves mood Did you know that exercising for at least 90 minutes a week greatly reduces depression and anxiety? You will increase your heart rate in the range of 60-85% of your maximum heart rate. Google to find your target heart rate. Even if you do not have depression or anxiety, the same goes for helping your mood. Therefore, exercise is a mood change! It promotes release of feel-good chemicals, distracts you from your worries and improves confidence.

Improves your overall health Getting fit not only gives you more energy, it helps prevent many health issues.

Boosts your immune system

Keeps your bones strong

It helps you sleep better at night.


As you know, I’m not a fitness expert, but over the years of YouTube training, the channels below are my favorite. To be honest, I'm still a beginner when it comes to training, but that's the beauty of YouTube. There's something for everyone! Most training points have at least 1 if not 2 change options. There is typically an opportunity to make training a little easier if you are a beginner, and also opportunities to make it harder if that is what you need.



This is my go-to training channel. It always has what type of training I am looking for. It's fun, energetic and makes me smile. I feel like I always get a good workout with Popsugar Fitness. It's typically a workout with creator, Anna Renderer, but sometimes there are other fitness experts and Hollywood trainers. There are many different types of training offered by Popsugar. You will love it!

A few of my favorite PopSugar Workouts:

30-minute calorie-torching cardio workout with weights

The best 15-minute beginner training – No equipment needed

30-minute cardio and strength training for a mood boost


Powered by Coach Kozak and his wife Claudia. This channel has over 1,000 full-length workouts. There are so many great opportunities to choose a good workout. They also have a free app that has various fitness programs lasting 30-90 days. Last year, when I was ready to train again after having my baby, I completed their beginner program and loved it! One thing I love about HasFit is their positivity and inspirational quotes they mention during training. "Every winner was once a beginner."

A few of my favorite HasFit workouts:

Low Power Total Body Cardio Workout at Home for Beginners – 30 Minute Standing Cardio

17 minutes of strength training for beginners

28 minutes total body strength training with weights

Fitness Blender

This is another Workout Channel run by a couple, Kelli and Daniel. They have over 500 free workouts. There is definitely something for everyone! They have training as short as 5 minutes and up to 1 hour. They have over 6 million subscribers! Fitness Blender is really popular for a reason!

A few of my favorite Fitness Blender workouts:

Tank Top Arms Workout

10 minutes of abs and oblique workouts

10 Minute Butt & Thigh Workout – Interval Training

Bodyfit by Amy

I've been doing Amy's training points in the longest of all the channels I've mentioned. I love that she is positive, motivating and feels like your best friend. She has a lot of training. There's something for everyone.

A few of my favorite BodyFit of Amy workouts:

10 minutes of cardio workout for fat burning

30 minutes full body hand training

25 minutes weighted cardio for fat burning

Yoga with Adriene

Last year my friend suggested this channel to me and I have loved it. I didn't have much yoga experience, but I love that Adriene has a Yoga for Beginners series. She also has a soothing presence and a great personality. I love yoga because it helps me pay more attention.

A few of my favorite exercises from Yoga with Adriene:

5 minute morning yoga

Yoga for neck and shoulder relief

Yoga for Weight Loss – Strength and Lengthen


Search YouTube for exactly what you are looking for, such as a 20-minute beginner workout, 30-minute cardio, low impact if you have a sore foot, and so on.

You can search every fitness channel using most popular videos, oldest or newest videos added. (Go to the fitness channel, click on videos, and then sort by.

Plan ahead of what workouts you want to do. You can choose a workout for each day for the following week or choose the night before what you would like to do the next day.

Determine exactly when you train. I have found as a busy mom I either train early in the morning or it does not happen.

Save your workouts. You can categorize them wherever you prefer. I like to put workouts that I would like to do soon in my Watch Later folder. And I have 2 folders with my favorite workouts titled "Favorite Strength Workout" and "Favorite Cardio Workout."

Other favorite training channels:

Heather Robertson This is a new favorite YouTube channel. I just started her 12 week training and love it!

Jessica Smith TV



Sydney Cummings

Be in shape


Comment and tell me your favorite YouTube training channels. I would love to hear!

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