The best low carb cookie cookbook!

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It's time to prepare your vacation! If you are like me, and I know many of you are, you like to jump into your Christmas cookies and treats. Wait until December? No way, that's cutting too close. So I finally did and put together a collection of my best low carb Christmas cookies. With some new recipes to boot. This is the eCookbook that holiday confectionery junkies have been waiting for. And all I can say is … sorry, it took me so long!

I am more than a little excited about this little effort of mine. While I also have a ā€œrealā€ cookbook in the works (and by real, I mean the type printed on paper and published by a traditional publisher), that won't be available until fall 2017. Those things from the traditional cookbook they are wonderful. a lot of work, as it turns out. But over the years I have had so many requests for collections of my best recipes and ebooks that they are so much easier to put together. And what better way to get started in the world of desktop publishing than with a cookbook dedicated to my favorite subject?

Four NEW low carb recipes!

What you get in this book:

  • 21 of All Day I Dream About Food's Best Low-Carb Cookies and Bar Recipes
  • 4 NEW delicious recipes never seen before to make your vacation special
  • 1 additional recipe for sugar-free eggnog (because hey, it's the holidays!)
  • Full color photography
  • Nutritional analysis of each recipe.
  • Tips for supplying your low carb pantry
  • My best tips and tricks for successful low carb cooking

And the first 200 people to buy the ebook get a special reduced price of $ 4.99!

Old favorites!

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Really, let's be honest, this low carb Christmas cookie ebook has it all. Let the low carb Christmas cooking begin!

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