Sweet and Spicy Kielbasa Bites

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Is this the best low carb keto football food? Slow cooker kielbasa with a sweet and spicy sauce without sugar. Easy and delicious!

What is it about smoked foods that makes them so delicious? Inquisitive minds really want to know. I can hardly contain myself around food with that smoked delight. Smoked salmon, smoked ribs, smoked brisket, smoked sausage, smoked wings. And chipotle (also known as smoked jalapeƱo) is one of my favorite spices. I really think I could eat smoked food day and night and I know that many others feel the same way. I also have a tendency to stand in the way of campfire smoke, only to smell that wood smoke on my clothes and hair. It is as if it reached a primitive part of us, when we were sitting around open fires all day and almost everything we ate had additional smoke. Oh the good old days!

While I'm not willing to give up my home with central air, I love inventing recipes that have a smoke element. Kielbasa is a particular favorite in our home. My kids love it, so I always know I have some backing that everyone will eat. And while much of the commercial kielbasa has many repulsive additives, my husband has managed to find a great source of uncured, grass-fed kielbasa. Get great packs of this Polish Teton Waters Ranch sausage at Costco (they also carry another brand of grass-fed beef kielbasa). We almost always have some in our freezer by the time that craving for smoke hits!

And believe me, the craving is going to attack for these sweet and spicy (and, of course, smoked) little bites. They are a perfect appetizer for the Super Bowl. Mix them in your crock pot and serve along with all of your other low-carb finger foods. They won't last long. My family of five managed to eat the entire batch for one dinner!

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