Strawberry Shortcake Whoopie Cakes

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Delicious low-carb almond flour cookies with unsweetened whipped cream and berries. These keto whoopie tarts taste exactly like Strawberry Shortcake!

When I first moved to Portland, we had a crazy spring in the early spring followed by an incredibly hot and seemingly very long summer. It was very out of place for the PNW and everyone commented on it. We had been warned many times about the sad winters and springs, and I was mentally prepared for it. After spending 4 years in Vancouver, BC in my younger days, I felt I understood how to deal with the rain. But that first winter was so surprisingly mild and sunny that it surprised everyone. A lovely side effect was that local Oregon strawberries hit the market in mid-April. And they stayed for quite a while too. Apparently those berry plants love the sun and the heat. Imagine that!

So this winter and spring has been the exact opposite. It has been so cold and rainy that even Oregon natives consider it unusual. And everyone is eager for it to end, but given the trend, it rather makes me think that a cold and rainy summer awaits us too. And those strawberries? You can't see any place and it's already May. I have some little berry plants in my garden and they don't have a flower. They don't seem to feel the love of the Northwest, and they're not ready to produce. And my little berry-loving heart is taking a beating.

But I will go ahead regardless, even if that means buying berries from California or Mexico. Because I have low carb whoopie cakes to make, folks! More specifically, I have these delicious strawberry pies and sugar free strawberry tart. Two amazing keto desserts in one. They taste like the best of a shortcake, but in a cute little hand shape so you can walk with them. The portable shortcake makes me happy. It will also make you happy.

Now come on, sun! Come and play so we can grow some local berries.

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Strawberry tarts cakes

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