Strawberry, Citrus, and Ginger Smoothie Recipe

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This smoothie is perfect for breakfast, dessert or anytime in between.

Orange juice and bananas add a lot of sweetness, while strawberries improve nutrition and the pretty pink color. Add a piece of fresh ginger for warmth and as a digestive aid!

Fresh or frozen fruit in smoothies?

You can use either one.

In smoothies where the fruit is fresh, it is important to add ice. In this recipe, ice is not needed because the strawberries are frozen. If you don't have any frozen components, your smoothie won't taste cold and refreshing!

On the other hand, too many frozen components (i.e. frozen fruit AND ice) can create air pockets in your blender.

How is ginger root used in a smoothie?

Do you have to peel the ginger for a smoothie? Yes! But it is very easy to remove the brown, paper-like skin of ginger with the tip of a spoon.

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Then add the knob to your blender (if you have an inexpensive blender, it's good to cut the ginger into thin pieces before adding it to your blender, just in case).

Four uncommon common ingredients combined. This is definitely my new favorite smoothie!

Quench your thirst with this refreshing strawberry, citrus, and ginger smoothie, a quick, fruity treat that's perfect for crushing your sweet cravings.

  • 1 ¼ cups of orange juice
  • 1 banana
  • 1 cube (1 inch) peeled fresh ginger root
  • 2 cups frozen strawberries
  • Combine all ingredients in a blender in the order listed. Mix until smooth.

Recipe Notes

Adapted from Fresh Blends.


Calories :: 200kcal

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