Salmon in puff pastry recipe

Salmon in puff pastry recipe

Salmon in puff pastry, a delicious recipe and ideal to serve when we have guests, such as when we celebrate a party or it is Christmas. Without a doubt, it is a dish to surprise! Salmon is a fish with many properties, vitamins and minerals, which is especially rich in omega 3 fatty acids. It is a blue fish that is found throughout the year in fishmongers, which is why it is a perfect ingredient to include in our diet. and make different recipes with it.

Puff pastry is a good option for many dishes, since with it we can prepare salty and sweet recipes. On this occasion, we will make salmon in puff pastry with spinach, perfect to serve during the aperitif or for dinner. Do you like the idea? Well read on and discover in RecetasGratis how to make baked salmon in puff pastry, You'll love it.

2 diners 45m Main course Low difficulty Additional features: Medium cost, Baked recipes Ingredients:

  • 2 pieces of salmon
  • 1 package of spinach
  • 100 milliliters of cooking cream (milk cream)
  • 20 grams of grated cheese
  • 1 sheet of rectangular puff pastry
  • 1 pinch of salt
  • 1 pinch of pepper
  • 1 egg (to paint the puff pastry)
  • 1 jet of olive oil

Steps to follow to make this recipe: 1

To make the salmon in puff pastry start washing the spinach. For two pieces of fish with half a bag will be enough, which is equivalent to about 100 grams. If the leaves are very large, cut them into smaller pieces. Done this, heat a couple of tablespoons in a pan, add the spinach and sauté over medium heat.

Puff Salmon Recipe - Step 1 two

When the spinach starts to drop, add the cream and the grated cheese, which can be a Parmesan or another cheese that you like. Try in case you need a little salt. When everything is mixed, turn off the heat and set aside to cool slightly.

Puff Salmon Recipe - Step 2 3

Roll out the puff pastry and cut 2 rectangles. You can make your own dough by following the Easy Puff Pastry Recipe. Preheat the oven to 180 ºC.

Puff Salmon Recipe - Step 3 4

Cut the pieces of salmon per portion, that is, one piece per person. Remove the darker part of the edges and save it for other recipes, such as for making fish broth. Also remove any skin and spines that may be.

Puff Salmon Recipe - Step 4 5

Put on top of each puff pastry rectangle a piece of salmon, right in the center. On top of salmon spread a layer of spinach cream. We have chosen to make salmon in puff pastry with spinach, but the truth is that you can also use chard or simply omit this ingredient.

Puff Salmon Recipe - Step 5 6

Close the packages passing the puff pastry on top and sealing the edges well with your fingers. To improve the presentation of the salmon pie with puff pastry, you can place strips of dough on top. Paint the packages with the beaten egg and bake the salmon in puff pastry at 180 ºC, with heat above and below, for 15-20 minutes.

Trick: The final cooking time will depend on each oven, so we recommend that you keep an eye on it to avoid burning.

Puff Salmon Recipe - Step 6 7

When they are golden brown, remove them from the oven and serve them right away if you want to enjoy them hot. Ready! It's that easy puff salmon recipe, fast and delicious. What do you think? Tell us how it looks in the comments and if you liked the mixture of salmon with spinach and cheese.

Puff Salmon Recipe - Step 7

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Puff salmon – Side dishes

You can serve the salmon pie in puff pastry accompanied by a salad, like the following:

  • Shrimp and avocado salad
  • Wakame salad
  • Tomato and avocado tartar

Another recommended option is to cook boiled white rice, to which you can add some sautéed vegetables, a little curry, turmeric or saffron. Check out the Saffron Rice Recipe to learn how. And if you serve the plate for dinner, prepare some delicious baked potatoes.

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