Ruas Crumbs Recipe

Ruas Crumbs Recipe Steps to follow to make this recipe: 1

Cut the crumbs and moisten them without getting wet. Leave them overnight covered with a cloth.

Ruas Crumbs Recipe - Step 1 two

Fry the garlic without peeling and reserve them. Add the julienned peppers and onion in the same pan and sauté. Reserve.

Ruas Crumbs Recipe - Step 2 3

Continue preparing the crumbs in the same pan by adding the thinly sliced ​​bacon. When it is almost ready add the chorizo ​​and fry it all very well.

Ruas Crumbs Recipe - Step 3 4

Let the oil cool down and add the paprika. Then, incorporate the crumbs with the fire at half power and continuing to stir so that they do not burn or stick until they are fried.

Ruas Crumbs Recipe - Step 4 5

Then it will be time to return all the above preparations to the pan. Incorporate the vegetables and meat stirring so that everything mixes well.

Ruas Crumbs Recipe - Step 5 6

After a few minutes you can serve a good plate of crumbs rollers and accompany them at the table with grapes and a good full-bodied red.

Ruas Crumbs Recipe - Step 6

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