Recipe summary for sweet and savory buns

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It was almost exactly a year ago when I shared my vanilla cream bun recipe with you all, as well as details on an elaborate tea party.

Some friends and I got together to celebrate Harry and Meghan's royal wedding, and we toasted their happiness with plenty of cups of tea, and some gin and tonics. Today, when I sat down to write this post, the same royal couple announced the birth of their child. Welcome Baby Sussex!

Now more than ever, it seems appropriate to share a sweet and savory muffin recipe with you. These are my favorites: plain and simple, cheesy and fruity. You will surely find a recipe that you will love forever.

The scones are not just for royal celebrations… Mother's and children's day is approaching, Mom wants a nice plate of hot scones and great coffee for Sunday breakfast. Trust me.

You can serve it in bed or not, just make sure to give it plenty of time alone to enjoy breakfast in peace. If you include a jar of jam and a bowl of sliced ​​fruit then your day will really start off right.

Here's the inspiration for the bun recipe for your next baking project. Why not put a batch or two in the freezer in preparation for Mother's Day? You may also want to include instructions on how to reheat the buns (I always use the oven at 300F for about 10 minutes).

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Vanilla cream scones

Without a doubt, these are my favorites to pair with tea and spread with jam. When I was working on the recipe, I tried British-style buns from well-known UK bakers, from Nigella Lawson to Diana Henry. The best one I found was from Claire Ptak, from Violet Bakery, an American living in London.

This was the bun he had been looking for all along. Fluffy and flaky, moist enough, light as a feather and not too sweet. The recipe is a nice big batch so you can freeze a little for another morning.

Irish soda cheese scones

For those of you who really love a tasty morning muffin, we have to thank the Irish and Jan Scott for this recipe. Try dividing these crackers with cheese and topping them with soft scrambled eggs and a pinch of fresh chives.

Triple Berry Scones

There is no need for jam with these beauties: a generous portion of berries is cooked inside. Filled with fruit and light as air, these beautiful buns are a must-have for summer baking.

blueberry orange buns

They're classic cafeteria buns, lightly sweetened and studded with dried cranberries. The orange zest and juice add sparkle, while the wheat flour adds a nutty touch.

Date Spelled Scones

Of course I have a soft spot for these cute pecan buns, since they're from my second cookbook. A while ago I shared the recipe with The National Post and here it is. If you've never tried dating buns, I'm here to tell you they are the BEST.

Sweet red lentil and sweet potato biscuits

These crackers are absolutely delicious for breakfast accompanied by sweet butter and a wedge of cheddar cheese. For a truly decadent brunch, make them into breakfast sandwiches by adding a fried egg and a bacon strip. Delish!

Sweet Buns Recipes

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