Potato stew with pork ribs recipe.

Potato stew with pork ribs recipe. Steps to follow to make this recipe: 1

In a pressure cooker, put a drizzle of oil, which covers the bottom of the pot. When it is hot I add the garlic very minced or mashed with the salt (one tablespoon), when the garlic has taken color I deposit the paprika, trying not to burn and shortly the ribs, which I have previously cut into pieces and with a wooden spoon I turn them until they catch the color. At those moments I pour the rest of the garlic and the bay leaf and keep turning them for a couple of minutes and then cover them with water, I close the pot and I have them for about twenty minutes once it starts to whistle.


In a saucepan I put little oil and caramelize the chopped onion, then the pepper cut into large pieces and the potatoes previously peeled and chopped to cut and tear (I mean cut little and throw), I give them a few turns so that they are taken of the onion and pour the wine and cook until the alcohol has evaporated (about five minutes), and then add the ribs and their broth and we have them cooking over moderate heat about ten more minutes until the potatoes are At their point (but we probe them by clicking on a toothpick), we put them aside, let them rest for about half an hour, and if we leave them for the next day, they are more exhausted (I mean they are more tasty).

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