Poc Chuc Recipe

Poc Chuc Recipe

In all regions of Mexico you can find a wide variety of typical dishes, but one of the richest regions in terms of gastronomy is that of Yucatan. This state has many traditional and delicious dishes, one of the most popular being the so-called poc chuc.

Now what is the poc chuc? It is a meat dish in which the fillets are macerated in orange juice and then roasted. It is very simple to prepare and has a delicious and irresistible bittersweet flavor. Stay with us at RecetasGratis to find out how to prepare poc chuc Follow the traditional Yucatan recipe and surprise yours with an exotic dish full of flavor.

5 guests 2h 30m Main dish Low difficulty

Additional features: Average cost, Popular in spring-summer, Nothing spicy, In a pan, Mexican recipes, Yucatecan recipes Ingredients:

  • 1 kilogram of pork steak

  • 2 cups sour orange juice

  • 1 pinch of salt

  • 1 pinch of oregano powder

  • 1 tablespoon ground pepper dessert

  • 2 red onions

  • 1 tablespoon white vinegar

  • 1 sprig of coriander

  • 2 tablespoons of oil

  • 7 red tomatoes

Steps to follow to make this recipe:


Marinate the pork in orange juice and add the oregano powder and ground pepper. Let stand at least 2 hours. You should not throw this liquid away at the end of the maceration time, as you will need it to prepare the poc chuc recipe later.

Poc Chuc Recipe - Step 1


During, disinfects coriander and leave it in the water for 10 minutes. Then drain it, chop it finely and set it aside. Apart from, peel and cut or cut onion.

Poc Chuc Recipe - Step 2


On another side, take the red tomatoesCut them into large pieces and place them on a hot plate so that they are grilled with the onion.

Poc Chuc Recipe - Step 3


When the red tomatoes and onion are well roasted, add these ingredients to the blender, pour in the vinegar, a pinch of salt and grind until a homogeneous mixture is obtained. With these ingredients, the typical sauce that makes up the puc chuc of Yucatecan is prepared, but you can always add your touch by adding spices.

Poc Chuc Recipe - Step 4


After the maceration time of the meat, put a pan of oil to heat. Once hot, grill the steaks and pour a little orange juice (the one you used for maceration) when they were sealed outside. Cook over low heat until the liquid is consumed and the meat is cooked through.

Poc Chuc Recipe - Step 5


And ready, serve it poc chuc recipe place the fillets on the plate with the sauce and chopped cilantro. You can also add avocado slices and a little lemon juice.

Poc Chuc Recipe - Step 6

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Poc chuc – Accompaniments

In addition to the sliced ​​avocado, tortillas and beans these are ingredients that can also serve as a perfect accompaniment to poc chuc. To do this, you can cut the meat into strips and serve it on a corn tortilla, with avocado and beans. You can use whole baked beans or fried beans.

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