Pitahaya juice with milk

Pitahaya juice with milk

The pitahaya, also known as pitaya or dragon fruit, is a product with important properties for the body. Among them, its antioxidant effect, its high percentage of water, its low contribution of calories, its richness in vitamins and minerals such as calcium or phosphorus. For all these reasons, pitahaya is an excellent natural diuretic and helps regulate intestinal transit, making it ideal for losing weight, fighting fluid retention and much more. To take advantage of all its benefits, the ideal is to consume the natural fruit or prepare healthy smoothies. In RecipesFree we propose you make pitaya juice with milkYes, with vegetable milk.

1 person 10m Breakfast Low difficulty Additional features: Cheap cost, Recommended for vegans, Recommended for vegetarians, Recipe lactose-free Ingredients:

  • 1 pitahaya
  • ½ glass of almond milk
  • 1 tablespoon of brown sugar (optional)

Steps to follow to make this recipe: 1

Cut the pitahaya in half and extract the pulp with a spoon. You can also cut it into quarters if you have difficulties. Likewise, you can choose the variety of pitahaya that you like the most.

Trick: Opt for a ripe pitahaya to work better and obtain a softer and sweeter juice.

Pitahaya juice with milk - Step 1 two

Place the pulp in the blender glass along with the almond milk and sugar, and shred all ingredients. If you want, you can add some other fruit to the pitahaya juice with milk. To do this, we recommend looking at the objective of the smoothie, that is, if you want to consume it for its antioxidant effect, add blueberries, while if you are looking to increase the contribution of fiber, add kiwi.

Trick: You can substitute almond milk for another vegetable, such as soy milk or coconut milk.


Ready! Serves the pitahaya juice with milk and enjoy. To consume it cold, add ice cubes and liquefy before serving, or reserve in the refrigerator for one hour. This natural fruit smoothie is ideal for breakfast or snack, accompanied by other fresh fruits.

Pitahaya juice with milk - Step 3

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