Pineapple and guava smoothie

Pineapple and guava smoothie

The slimming smoothies They are very fashionable, provide multiple benefits to the body and keep the figure in shape. In addition, you can consume them at any time of the day. This type of natural shakes provide you specifically: increased energy in the body and replacement of worn-out ones, balance and supplementation of any diet, hydration, acceleration of metabolism and detoxification.

In addition, each vegetable and fruit has its own characteristics that add particular attributes to the aforementioned benefits, with which there is a specific shake for the particular needs of each organism, such as the green shake for after training or the juice to lower cholesterol.

Because we know all the benefits that smoothies can provide you, today at RecetasGratis we bring you a tropical drink with incredible potential for your body, it is the pineapple and guava smoothie. This drink helps you lose weight and provides you with a lot of energy. It is also delicious and refreshing!

2 diners 10m Breakfast Low difficulty Additional features: Cheap cost, Recommended to lose weight, Ideal to accompany with natural juice, No cooking Ingredients:

  • 3 guavas
  • 2 thick pineapple slices
  • 1 tablespoon of Honey
  • 1 cup of water or orange juice

Steps to follow to make this recipe: 1

Order all the ingredients and utensils necessary to start working on our smoothie recipe to lose weight. First of all, wash the fruits very well.

Then, for the guava, you must choose between: 1.-remove the center of the guava to eliminate the seeds. 2.- Leave the center and then strain. 3.- Leave the seeds and then liquefy all the ingredients and simply drink. This last option is the most recommended, although I will be guided by both.

For the pineapple: Chop 2 slices, remove the peel and the center. Then, chop the fruit into cubes.

Honey is optional, you can also choose another sugar substitute or simply add nothing to it. I can assure you that it is delicious without added sugar, because the natural sugar of the fruit is enough.

Pineapple and guava smoothie - Step 1 two

Deposit the guava with seeds, inside the blender to prepare this natural fruit smoothie. Add a cup of water or orange juice. Crush until you get a guava juice completely liquid.

Pineapple and guava smoothie - Step 2 3

This step is optional, you can pass the guava seeds through a strainer or not. In particular, I prefer to strain these seeds because for me they are unpleasant to taste.

What is recommended in smoothie recipes to burn fat and lose weight is leave the seeds because they help intestinal transit. It all depends on your taste and your body. Each body is different.

Pineapple and guava smoothie - Step 3 4

Go back to liquefy pineapple with the guava juice. Add honey if you wish and continue beating the smoothie to lose weight until everything is integrated.

Pineapple and guava smoothie - Step 4 5

The result? A pineapple and guava smoothie tasty and refreshing! Remember that to take full advantage of the qualities of this smoothie that burns fat, you should eat it on an empty stomach, as the first food of the day. However, as attributes are left over, you can repeat at any time.

Have you heard of smoothies to burn fat and lose weight? Would you try this one? Well, I encourage you to try this healthy recipe to start the day, pampering your body. I love it! Share with me your experience and if you document it with a photo … I will be amazed!

Pineapple and guava smoothie - Step 5

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Additional information of pineapple and guava smoothie

Benefits of pineapple smoothie with guava

Among the benefits provided by this tropical fruit juice, it is worth noting that it cares for bones, prevents respiratory diseases, improves the immune system, has powerful antioxidant qualities, helps intestinal transit, provides a large amount of vitamin C to the body, regulates cholesterol , It has diuretic qualities, detoxifies the body, favors weight reduction, improves hemoglobin, burns fat, produces satiety, among others.

What is the difference between a normal smoothie and a slimming one? Essentially the sugar and the casting process. Generally a slimming juice should be drunk with the seeds and as soon as you finish blending it. Of course, these smoothies do not contain sugar but you can add a substitute such as honey, stevia or a sweetener of your choice.

I can assure you that the pineapple and guava smoothie is very tasty even without sugar of any kind. Remember that fruits have a lot of natural sugar, which you will enjoy if the juice is well concentrated.

Seed yes or no… behold the dilemma

Perhaps you have already heard about the benefits of the seeds of many fruits. For example: auyama seeds provide their analgesic, anti-rheumatic qualities and are effective in deworming the body. In addition, they have many uses in the kitchen: smoothies, cereals, soups or to decorate sweets. However, there are fruits whose seeds do not have such a good reputation, this is the case of the guava.

Around the guava seeds, a myth was created about the damage they can cause to your appendix. Currently there are studies that demonstrate the opposite, because it was discovered that they even improve intestinal transit. How ironic! The only detail that you should take into consideration is not to exceed the doses. The seeds of two or three guavas per day, can benefit you but if you overdo it, you can purge yourself. Personally, I prefer to remove these seeds in particular, just because their texture inside a drink seems unpleasant to me, but does not imply any contraindication.

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