Onion sauce and hot caramelized bacon

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Who can resist a gooey cheese sauce that comes straight out of the oven? This is keto heaven low carb snack!

I like appetizers. Surely you already know this about me, right? I think the food should come in small portions, I think the table should be full of many different options, and I think the chicken wings should be their own food group. And I think there should be one or more hot, cheesy, sticky sauces surrounded by a vegetable platter so you can scoop them up in all their glory without melting carbs. There is no bread for me, thank you very much. Maybe some low carb cookies if I have the time and energy to make them, but if not, the endive leaves and celery will do me good. Really, it's about bringing that gooey cheese to my mouth without dripping anything on my shirt.

Before the Super Bowl, I'd been seeing hot cheese sauces all over Pinterest and really wanted to serve one up for game day. I saw this beautiful Hot caramelized onion sauce with bacon and gruyere from Spicy Southern Kitchen and I had to. Except not in the same way because onions are surprisingly high in carbohydrates. But I knew I could get that same great caramel and onion flavor with just one onion. I also used more Gruyere sour cream and cheddar cheese. Because he had a fridge full of Cabot Creamery cheddar cheese begging to be used.

This was absolutely divine. My friend and I sat chatting and diving, chatting and diving, while everyone else was engrossed in the game. We had to stop because we were afraid to eat it all!

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