Nutella cookie recipe

Nutella cookie recipe

The famous cookies are cookies that were first created in the United States in 1930. These are butter and sugar cookies with chocolate chips or nuggets, which then began to experience variations and recipes emerged in which the cookies were filled with chocolate and other creams.

At RecetasGratis, we share one of the most popular and popular cookie recipes for kids and adults, Nutella filled cookies! With chocolate chips and a delicious crunchy texture, read on to discover how to make Nutella cookies, they are simply irresistible.

8 guests 1 h 30 min Taste Low difficulty

Additional features: Inexpensive, Recommended for children, Recommended for vegetarians, Salt-free recipe, Baked recipes Ingredients:

  • 300 grams of wheat flour

  • 115 grams of butter

  • 2 eggs

  • 150 grams of brown or white sugar

  • 150 grams of chocolate chips or chocolate chips

  • 115 grams of Nutella

  • 15 grams of baking powder (baking powder)

  • 1 tablespoon vanilla essence dessert

Steps to follow to make this recipe:


Before you start preparing the Nutela cookie recipe, you should remove the butter from the refrigerator, because it must be at room temperature. If you forgot it, you can put it in the microwave for a few seconds, but that prevents it from melting completely.

Nutella Cookie Recipe - Step 1


Put the butter in a bowl with the sugar and beat until there is a homogeneous dough. You can do this with electric or manual rods, although a fork also does this.

Trick: You can use brown or white sugar.

Nutella Cookie Recipe - Step 2


Add the eggs and vanilla and continue mixing to fully integrate these ingredients. It should be a fairly thick paste.

Trick: Preheat the oven to 180 ºC by heating from top to bottom.

Nutella Cookie Recipe - Step 3


Mix the flour with the yeast and the sieve these ingredients directly on the dough. Mix with a spatula and knead with your hands when you can.

Trick: If the remaining dough is not too thick to work with your hands, you need to add a little more flour.

Nutella Cookie Recipe - Step 4


Add the chocolate chips and stir so that they spread into the dough, which should be manageable and easy to work with your hands. We opted for dark chocolate chips, but the truth is that Nutella cookies can also be made with white chocolate chips.

Nutella Cookie Recipe - Step 5


Take a small portion of dough and roll it with the palm of your hands. When it is well crushed, place a tablespoon of Nutella in the center and wrap it in a ball. For the butter cookies filled with Nutella to be good, we recommend that you put the edges in the center and press a little so that it is well sealed and the cream does not come out.

Trick: If you see that the Nutella is a little hard, you can put it in the microwave for a minute.

Nutella Cookie Recipe - Step 6


Line a cookie sheet with parchment paper and place the cookies on top, with enough separation between them as they will increase in volume. Bake Nutella cookies for 15 minutes halfway up, maintaining the temperature of 180 ºC with the heat from top to bottom. If you think they need more time, give them a few more minutes.

Trick: If you have a lot of cookies, you'd better bake them in batches.

Nutella Cookie Recipe - Step 7


When the cookies are done, let them cool down so that they just have a more homogeneous and crispier texture. By biting them, you can savor the chocolate cream which, combined with the texture of the cookie and chocolate chips, make this recipe a real delicacy. Not only will children enjoy these Nutella Cookies!

Nutella Cookie Recipe - Step 8

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Tips for storing cookies filled with Nutella

To make Nutella cookies last longer, it is advisable to keep them in a tightly closed container, preferably made of glass, away from moisture and direct sunlight. It is best to leave the container in a dark, cool place, but if you do not have space with these features, you will have no choice but to leave the cookies in the refrigerator, although we indicate that it is not ideal.

Well-preserved Nutella cookies can last a week, Although we are sure they will end much sooner! If you still have Nutella, don't miss these other recipes:

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