Miso butter

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This easy and homemade Miso Butter adds a fantastic and unique flavor to so many dishes! You have to try it!

Miso butter

Today's two-ingredient recipe for Miso Butter is our new obsession with flavor, and a very delicious way to get to know this ancient ingredient!

If you've eaten at an Asian restaurant, you've probably seen miso soup on the menu. But there are many ways to cook with miso: a thick paste with a wonderfully unique flavor.


how to make miso butter

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What is miso?

Miso is a traditional Japanese condiment made from fermented soybeans and koji (the Aspergillus oryzae mushroom), more often rice, barley, and other ingredients. Today's miso butter is simply softened, unsalted butter that has been mixed with white miso (also called shiromiso). There are other varieties available that include "red miso" (akamiso) or "mixed miso" (awasemiso).

We found red and white miso at our local supermarket in the Asian aisle, but if you have access to a good Asian specialty market or search online, you will surely find many different options. (The flavor and aroma of your miso may vary from brand to brand.)


homemade miso butter

How is it cooked with miso?

Miso butter is a wonder added to hot and steamed or pan-fried rice, melted on a steak or mixed with vegetables. (It's even delicious schmeared in corn on the cob!)

Miso gives butter a unique salty-salty-sweet umami flavor in this simple recipe. Its flavor is unique and delicious, and I predict you will love it as much as we do.

PS Here is a fantastic recipe for Miso fried rice (using this miso butter). We think you will love it!

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We use a ratio of 2 parts butter to 1 part miso in today's recipe, but feel free to vary it to suit your tastes. Less miso will produce a smoother, creamier butter, but it won't have as much miso.


8 tablespoons (1 stick) unsalted butter, softened at room temperature

4 tablespoons of white miso (also called shiromiso)


Combine softened butter and miso in a bowl. Using the paddle attachment on your mixer, mix.


How to make homemade miso butter

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