Mexican street corn bacon pizza

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If you can't find cotija cheese, you can substitute cheese or feta cheese.


1 20-ounce store-bought pizza crust, brought to room temperature, or our homemade pizza crust

4 slices of bacon

1 ear of fresh sweet corn, shelled

1 jalapeƱo, cut into rings, seeded or seeded, you choose

Approximately Ā¼ medium red onion, cut with the grain

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1/3 cup mayonnaise

1/3 cup Greek yogurt or sour cream

4 ounces crumbled cotija cheese (this Mexican cheese is very similar to feta only without the brine)

2 teaspoons fresh garlic, minced

Ā½ teaspoon chili powder

Ā½ fresh lime, to squeeze on the pizza after baking

Coriander, to cover pizza after baking

Corn flour and flour to prepare the crust


Preheat the oven to the highest temperature. Ours was adjusted to 550 degrees F.

Place a pizza stone on the bottom rack.

In a cast iron skillet over medium-high heat, cook the bacon almost crispy. Remove with tweezers to a paper towel.

Leave the heat on medium-high and add the whole cob of corn to the pan and cook for about five minutes, turning brown on all sides. Remove to paper towels. Once it's cool enough to handle, cut the corn from the cob and place it in a small bowl. Set aside.

Add jalapeƱo and onion and cook until no longer raw but not fully cooked, about 1-2 minutes. Remove to a bowl.

In a small bowl, mix the yogurt or sour cream with the mayonnaise and reserve.

Flour counter and roll out dough to 14 inches in diameter.

Sprinkle the pizza peel with cornmeal and place the dough on the cornmeal. Give your wrist a little movement to make sure the dough slides.

Spread Ā½ cup of the mayonnaise mixture over the dough, half an inch from the edge. Place the remaining mixture in a squeeze bottle on top of the baked pizza. If you don't have a squeeze bottle, cut off the tip of a sandwich bag, fill it with the mixture, and use it instead of the bottle.

Top the sauce with half the bacon, corn, jalapeƱo, onion, and all the garlic. Then top with all the cotija cheese and finish with the remaining bacon, corn, jalapeƱo, and onion.

Sprinkle chili powder over the entire pizza, then slide onto the pizza stone.

Ours took a little over 7 minutes to bake, but their time will vary depending on your oven.

Slide back over the shell, then onto your cutting board and cut into 6 or 8 slices.

Squeeze the lime juice over the pizza and sprinkle with coriander.

Sprinkle with mayonnaise mixture and serve.

We also sprinkle more cotija cheese on our pizza after baking, but that's optional.

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