Macaroni with salted caramel

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Sweet and chewy, these low carb salted caramel macaroons are a delicious grain-free cookie! Happy and healthy snack.

Inspiration is everywhere. Someone recently asked me how I can think of all the recipes I make and that is my answer: inspiration is everywhere. Wherever I look, there is another recipe idea for me. I constantly make little notes about things that might be good low carb or keto recipes. If I'm away from home, I will stop in my tracks and email me because I don't want to lose the idea. This often happens when I am in a store and I see an interesting conventional biscuit or cake. I pick up the box, look at it and think, "Yes, I can do this!" This is a regular occurrence for me in places like Merchant Joe's. And this recipe was inspired by a box of Trader Joe's cookies.

Their version are small coconut macaroon fingerprints with a candy center. It had some leftover egg whites to use and looked like the perfect app, but I wanted to make them even easier. So I made some of my salted caramel and mixed it directly with the macaroni. Since traditional macaroons often drink sweetened condensed milk, my caramel sauce had the perfect texture and consistency to use instead.

They were wonderfully chewy and delicious. Good alone or drizzled with a little chocolate!

Check out my low carb salted caramel macaroons at A Sweet Life.


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