How to make a simple cheese board

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A good cheese platter is a welcome addition to any party, gathering, or snack. These tips I share today will make it easier for you to gather a simple cheese board with little more than what you can find in your refrigerator or freezer.

I've teamed up with Kroger today to share these tips for making cheese boards easy.

It's easier than you might think to gather a crowd beautiful cheese board in just a few minutes relying on basic kitchen products and familiar ingredients.

And with some special ingredients on hand, you'll have a cheese board at your fingertips for any possible occasion.

Cheese boards

Choose 2-3 cheeses, a handful of different cookies, some fruits and vegetables, pickles and olives, a small plate or jam or mustard, and you're almost done.

Family movie nights, home dates with Sean, two-handed coffee, or a quick lunch with friends? A cheese board is almost always my answer to "what should I serve?" question.

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When you have a last minute dinner guest or an unexpected visit from a friend, learning how to assemble a basic cheese board in just a few minutes can save the day.

Enjoy like a appetizer before dinner alone, along with other appetizers or hors d'oeuvres or a centerpiece for a picnic lunch.

The possibilities of serving are endless.

Keep it simple! Each cheese board does not need to contain all the ingredients. Sometimes the simplest cheese boards are my favorites.

Crackers for a cheese board

Cookies on a cheese board don't need to be fancy. You will probably do what you have in your pantry. Ritz crackers are a fantastic vehicle for most types of cheese, as are woven wheat crackers (like Triscuits) and water crackers.

If you have a baguette or other crusty bread, you can certainly add it to your cheese board. But you don't need to bake bread or take a special trip to the bakery just for its cheese board. Remember, we are aiming to simple!

Fruits and Vegetables for a Cheese Board

Adding fruit to your cheese board isn't strictly necessary, but it's a good way to balance the savory flavors of cheese and crackers with something sweet.

Grapes, apple and pear slices They are traditional, but strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries would also make tasty additions to your cheese board.

Walnuts for a cheese board

Walnuts make a cheese board feel a little bit more special in some ways. Almonds, cashewsand walnuts They are wonderful choices. Choose a simple roasted and salty variety or your candied, sugary nuts, or other favorite specialties.

I especially love these Treasure EmporiYum nuts that I found at Kroger. Sea salt caramel cashew nuts and vanilla and honey almonds make an excellent addition to any cheese board and have also quickly become family favorites for a snack.

Treasure EmporiYum is a carefully selected collection of delightful discoveries exclusive to the Kroger family of stores. You can find these specially marketed items in select stores.

They add the perfect blend of sweetness, salinity and crunch to a cheese board. If you like them as much as I do, you can also serve an extra bowl next to your table to eat more.

Check out our Meat Lover Cheese Board and these Cheese Snacks for more great ideas and food pairings to add to a cheese board.

How to transport a cheese board

I love to use edge boards and trays when making charcuterie boards and cheese trays. That tire helps keep everything in place by moving things from one place to another.

Assemble the tray at home and cover it well with plastic wrap during transportation to avoid accidental spills.

If you are using a flat sausage board and need to transport your cheese board, I recommend carrying your ingredients in airtight containers and assembling the board upon arrival.

Occasions like this are when you want to keep your ingredients like minimum and No problem as possible.

Hostess Gifts

Private Selection walnuts from the Treasure EmporiYum product line are one of my favorite food find this year. Special nuts add a lot of flavor to cheese trays, but make great hostess gifts along with a bottle of wine or some homemade treat.

Attend a party with a cheese board and a bowl of these nuts for the hostess and you will be greeted with smiles and gratitude, guaranteed.

Easy Cheese Board

Assembling a cheese board doesn't really require any special knowledge or expensive high-end cheeses and meats.

In most cases, you can put together a tasty cheese platter that everyone will love with the ingredients they already have in their kitchen.

How to make a simple cheese board

American kitchen


  • 2-3 assorted cheeses
  • 3 varieties of cookies
  • fresh ready-to-eat vegetables: cucumbers, carrots, grape tomatoes, mini peppers, broccoli, and cauliflower
  • Fresh fruits ready to eat: grapes and berries
  • pickles, olives, and small sliced ​​jalapeños
  • sweet and spicy jam or jelly
  • ground mustard
  • dried fruits: apricots, banana chips and raisins
  • assorted nuts


  • Arrange the cheese around the board. Then add the cookies.

  • Add small bowls or piles of pickles and olives. Add small plates of jam and / or mustard.

  • Fill the gaps with fresh vegetables, fresh fruits, dried fruits, and nuts. Enjoy!

How to Make Simple Cheeses Table

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