How to eat salmon once a week and love it!

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According to my calculations, there are 13 weeks of summer, and that coincides with the healthy salmon season ~ so here are 13 of my most delicious salmon recipes to keep you in top shape all summer.

RAINBOW SALMON SKEWERS ~ if you want a quick and easy salmon dinner, string it up! Peppers and rainbow onions are nice, but you can add mushrooms, summer squash, or any other quick-cook vegetables.

MEDITERRANEAN LEAF BREAD SALMON ~ If you are sharing your salmon with friends, it makes sense to go big with one whole side of the salmon. Order larger cuts at your regular fish counter at the grocery store, they'll be happy to help, or visit Costco and similar stores for great deals.

ROASTED SALMON WITH KIWI SAUCE ~ This is my last recipe and the current favorite way to eat salmon: Topped with a drop of fresh kiwi sauce. I love this with mixed fruit sauce or strawberry sauce too.

SALMON WITH PINEAPPLE JALAPEƑO SAUCE ~ this tropical themed salmon pairs very well with margaritas, mai tais and piƱa coladas.

GRILLED SALMON TACOS WITH CILANTRO CREAM ~ You can use leftover salmon in these tacos, which means you can spend all your time dreaming up fun ingredients.

GRILLED WILD SALMON SALAD ~ Grilled Salmon over Vegetables is a fabulous summer meal, but Grilled Salmon over Grilled greens is even better!

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GRILLED SALMON SALAD WITH SPRING GREEN ~ this little salad craze is fun to improvise with whatever is around the rest of the week's meals … and don't forget an edible flower or two.

CREMY LEMON DILL SALMON ~ salmon is a superfood, yes, but it can also be incredibly comforting …

SALMON AND ZUCCHINI BURGERS ~ This is a salmon burger and it's to die for. This food is also inexpensive.

FINNISH SALMON SOUP – LOHIKEITTO ~ for cool summer nights, or when your partner turns the air conditioning on too high.

OPEN SMOKED SALMON SANDWICHES ~ a super fancy appetizer, lunch or, depending on how you load them, light dinner.

ENJOY THE MOUTH TRAY IN YOUR LIVING ROOM ~ I challenge myself to put as many gorgeous colors on the tray as possible.

SMOKED SALMON ā€œCHEESECAKEā€ FLAVOR ~ I bet you've never had this before!

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