Hosting a summer engagement party

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Engagement parties are the BEST because let's be honest… it's the party BEFORE the party!

We waited for a time to celebrate our engagement party after getting engaged last November because we had over a year and a half until our wedding and we really wanted a summer engagement party in the backyard. Nothing like savoring cocktails with good music surrounded by your closest friends and family! Our engagement party could not have gone better and my only regret is that unfortunately I did not take enough photos! This was a big mistake on my part, especially since I put a lot into every little detail that surrounded this great event; I mean the calligraphy napkins and food labels for the hors d'oeuvres (sigh). I guess the good thing is that I was having a lot of fun taking some photos, but I got some good ones before they all came.

As fun as I had fun creating this party, I know I will have a lot of fun sharing it with you! I DIY-made everything from glitter drink signs to chalkboard stands and tissue paper garlands etc. I ended up with some fresh flowers and my tables were complete. It was a lot of work, but it sure saved me a lot of money and was pretty nice if I don't say so myself. But first … no summer party is complete without some fancy cocktails. I will say that one of the main requests after my party was all the recipes for the cocktails, so of course I will share them with you!

The sangria recipe is my absolute FAVORITE and it's actually inspired by the famous sangria from the Legal Seafood restaurant, so trust me, you'll love it! It's a pretty strong sangria recipe, but oh, how good. The entire recipe perfectly filled a glass jar, but I suggest duplicating it because I guarantee it will go fast! Oh, and don't forget that these paper straws are a MUST with these cocktails! I tossed mine into my little LOVE cups I found at Anthropologie, which I thought was the perfect little touch.

The chalkboard signs are from Michaels, (but I'm sure you can find them at any local craft store) and I used a permanent whiteboard marker to design the signage for the drink table and candy area. The "drink" sign was made from thin wooden letters that I also found at Michael's house: I drilled holes, covered them all in glitter, and hung a string through the holes. I also did the same with our “C and K” centerpieces that were on the dessert table and will soon be posting on exactly how to make them. One word … EASY!

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Oh, and can we talk about our mugs to save the date?

I got this idea from an engagement party I saw at Southern Weddings and just had to duplicate it, I was obsessed. Especially since our save dates haven't been sent in yet, this was a great way to remind people of our wedding date and also gave everyone something to take home. In case you're curious, I did this at a little store called Confetti Gray, they do an amazing job!

We had our party attended by R&R Catering (especially since there was no way for it to cook for 75 people!), But I was so glad we did because the food was delicious! Like I said before (and something I'm still kicking), I forgot to take more photos all night, but I had the cutest calligraphy labels for every snack designed by super talented Rachel Carl. She also made all the name tags for my bridesmaids' brunch brunch, so I knew she would do an amazing job, I just adore her! My sweet cousin Shannon baked all the mini cupcakes and I bought plastic mini diamond rings to put on top of each. It was a nice touch that everyone loved! To complete the dessert table, I left some cute striped gift bags on a tray for each guest to take home some goodies.

And yes, I spray painted that golden wooden tray, I couldn't resist.

Overall, it was an amazing day with amazing people! I couldn't ask for better friends and family and I look forward to celebrating with all of them on our special day. I was really happy with the way everything came together, especially since I pushed and organized this party in less than two weeks! Can you say that I'm just obsessed with gold and glitter? If you are hosting an upcoming engagement party (or any party for that matter!) I urge you to have fun and be smart! I plan to share each of my DIY projects in the next few days so you can see how easy everything is. I hope everyone enjoys the drink recipes too!


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