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Cook well! How are you today Today we bring you ours Healthy weekly menu 14, a menu that, as you already know, is put together by a team of nutritionists who choose the healthiest and most balanced recipes to include in your daily life and are thus nutrient-free. If you've missed the previous 13 menus, it's time to check them out here. And start eating healthy!

We are in April and the spring, but we still continue to constipate because the weather changes slightly and is still cold at night, right? Therefore, it never hurts to continue recording spoon meals in the form of warm creams or healthy purees. But don't worry, we also include fresh and warm dishes salad or in light creams that you should not miss. We hope you enjoy it and that you enjoy these recipes as much or more as you do when preparing them.

And you know, stay until end of message because in addition to recommending a healthy treat in your snack and dessert, we also give you one NutriTip this is useful when you start to change your lifestyle. In this case, we will talk about nuts and their importance in healthy eating. Are you staying with us? Let's go there!

The best recipes for this Healthy Weekly Menu 14

Monday: recommended dishes


The week starts and you may be a bit lacking in energy, right? Do not worry, because you are going to charge the batteries with this Arugula and radish salad. For the dressing, it is advisable to use a healthier mustard sauce like Dijon Mustard than any other conventional one.

Complete recipe: Arugula and radish salad

To accompany this salad, you can prepare this dish if desired Chickpea spiced stew, where you can use the machine Kenwood KCook. In this recipe, we use a Bio-baked tomato to make it healthier and replace the vegetable stock with water, an option with less salt, which helps our heart not to suffer excessively.

Complete recipe: Chickpeas Spicy Stew


We recommend that you prepare this original for dinner on this first day Vegetable omelette, with which you take in proteins from the eggs and many nutrients and vitamins from the many vegetables that you have to add. You can remove or add more taking into account your preferences and tastes.

Complete recipe: Vegetable omelette

To accompany this omelet, we recommend preparing a healthy garnish like this Padrón peppers. To give them more juiciness, you can add a few cubes of ham previously baked in the pan and that's it!

Complete recipe: Padrón peppers

Tuesday: Recommended dishes


You will record this on this second day Tomato soup with natural tomato. You will see what difference in flavors and how rich it is! The sugar in this dish is thrown out, since there is no need to sweeten the recipe, so you can do without it. As for the cream for cooking, we opt for a healthier version like milk.

Complete recipe: Tomato soup

Second course or if you prefer, we have this recipe as one dish Chicken liver with onions to introduce you. It is an excellent healthy dish with an ideal main ingredient due to its high iron and protein content.

Complete recipe: Chicken liver with onions


Here too, we advise you to further develop this Tomato soup, because it is a highly recommended option in any low-calorie diet and it has an incredible taste that you will love. Do you want to know a curious fact about this food? The lycopene, that is the chemical naturally present in fruits and vegetables that are responsible for giving red color, it assimilates better when it comes from cooked tomato (fried, roasted, heat-treated juice, microwave, etc.), compared to raw tomato. The use of this substance is even greater if the product is consumed with a little fat, such as olive or seed oil.

Complete recipe: Tomato soup

Prepare some of these things to accompany her Squid afogaos. You can choose the option offered by the recipe, such as baby squid, or they may also be worthwhile squid strips, if you prefer.

Complete recipe: Squid afogaos

Wednesday: recommended dishes


You have to eat this on this third day Pear and mushroom salad. A very original recipe to try something different and exotic and that is 100% healthy! In addition, it has a healthy dressing, making it a good salad.

Complete recipe: Pear and mushroom salad

To guide her, if you want more, we suggest this Cream of seafood. This time we go the fish stock for a healthy option that is water, because it contains no salt and the fish stock contains very large amounts of salt. On the other hand, liquid cream is replaced with milk, the latter being a healthier option.

Complete recipe: Cream of seafood


For dinner, we recommend a light, fresh dish that is ready quickly, because there are excellent dishes that are prepared in a few minutes. This is the case of our recipe for Zucchini with mint and lemon, an alternative way to eat this vegetable that is so beneficial to our health. If you like, you can also use eggplant instead of zucchini and voilà!

Complete recipe: Zucchini with mint and lemon

Second course, if you think you can use this Filet mignon. Instead of using cargo mignon, we're going to take a meat that's lean, like tenderloin since, on the other hand, it is not recommended to consume red meat.

Complete recipe: Filet mignon.

Thursday: Recommended dishes


It is already Thursday! And today you have to eat this delicious Artichoke and tuna salad, that will help cleanse your body. To get the most healthy salad possible, we make homemade mayonnaise at home using only healthy ingredients.

Complete recipe: Artichoke and tuna salad

Flamenco eggs:

For the second course, we offer you this super delicious traditional Andalusian recipe: Eggs à la Flamenca. The chorizo ​​we choose is preferred Turkey because it is lean meat with a low fat content, compared to traditional chorizo.

Complete recipe: Eggs à la Flamenca


Dinner comes and often you don't know what to prepare, right? Well, this time we recommend this Pea cream delicious and valid for any time of your meals as it is a healthy option that provides you with many nutrients. To make the recipe as healthy as possible, first we are going to replace the liquid cream for a healthier version like milk. Next, we will replace the vegetable stock with water and forgo the butter, as this is not an essential ingredient in the recipe.

Complete recipe: Pea cream

To accompany this dose of vitamins, we recommend that you include some of the meat protein found in this recipe Vitel show. Veal becomes the main ingredient of the recipe, but it can be replaced with any other type of meat, as long as it is fresh and low in fat to obtain a healthy recipe. (chicken, rabbit, turkey …).

Complete recipe: Vitel show

Friday: Recommended dishes


We suggest this to you to eat Pea creamdelicious. Want to know a trick? When consuming peas it is always better to consume them soft and at the most lightly cooked, otherwise they will lose almost all their nutritional value.

Complete recipe: Pea cream

Today you have a chicken with this cream, in this case this delicious recipe Chicken grilled lime. To make it, you can choose healthier dressings, such as soy sauce low in sugar and Dijon mustard, as it contains less sugar than other conventional supermarkets.

Complete recipe: Chicken grilled lime


Do you know the superfood of the moment called Kale? If not, then it's time to enjoy the properties that prepare a few Kale chips. Instead of buying lemon juice, it is much healthier to squeeze the lemon yourself. In relation to the oil, the extra virgin olive oil is more recommended in Europe because it is the healthiest and in the environment, but nevertheless coconut oil is more typical in the American area. Both can be used because their fats are healthy.

Complete recipe: Kale chips

But don't worry, if this recipe doesn't convince you or you're hungry, you can resort to this Seafood salad. To make a traditional but 100% healthy recipe, we make a mayonnaise ourselves and instead of replacing crab sticks with cans of natural tuna, it's a much healthier option.

Complete recipe: Seafood salad

Saturday: recommended dishes


It is finally weekend! And thanks to this healthy weekly menu you will be able to eat well and prepare your dish quickly and easily, in this case Warm salad of asparagus and eggs from Mollet. You should use the coconut oil in this recipe for any other refined vegetable oil, since coconut fat is healthy, but that of vegetable oils except extra virgin olive oil, no.

Complete recipe: Warm salad of asparagus and eggs from Mollet.

As a second option, we offer you this delicious dish Fried meatballs that you cannot refuse to prepare, as they are probably the healthiest meatballs you have ever tried. To make them authentically healthy, you can use freshly ground turkey meat at the butcher shop or at home. On the other hand, both the breadcrumbs and the wheat flour you use are in a healthy version, that is, integral. For the sauce, use a baked tomato Biobecause it contains less sugar than any other conventional baked tomato. You can also replace the salt-rich meat stock with water.

Complete recipe: Fried meatballs


You can prepare a little bit of this for dinner Ratatouille with eggplant what you will love. To get a typical but healthy recipe, this time you can remove the sugar from the list of ingredients that we include in the recipe.

Complete recipe: Ratatouille with eggplant

As a second course, if you like meat, get ready, because today is the day to prepare something Roast beef! You can replace the meat stock with water and thus prevent high blood pressure and heart-related diseases.

Complete recipe: Roast beef

Sunday: Recommended dishes


Do you like quinoa? Do you know it's multiplebenefits for your body? If not, find out and don't forget to prepare Quinoa salad with Thai sauce: for the dressing we use a soy sauce with little sugar. If we want a 100% healthy salad, let's keep it in the background the tablespoon of honey. The salad already has several healthy dressings that give it an ideal taste.

Complete recipe: Quinoa salad with Thai sauce

Shrimp muffins:

Have you ever eaten a salty muffin? Dare to prepare it well Shrimp muffins, a very original dish that can surprise you. It is also bad colorful and original to prepare it if you are the host for lunch or dinner. Shrimp are not only very rich, they are also an ideal food when we want it to lose weight Since they are very low in calories, they are high in protein and, in return, have healthy fats and low carbohydrates.

Complete recipe: Shrimp muffins


The end of our healthy weekly menu is coming, in this case we recommend that you prepare quickly Tomato salad with burrata. We remind you that our recipes are very flexible and in this case you can replace burrata with a more familiar ingredient in our culture and the like, such as mozzarella cheese.

Complete recipe: Tomato salad with burrata

Do you want to eat an omelette but have little time to cook! That's just a problem! You can make this Omelette in microwave-safe cup. It is a super easy recipe to prepare, but also healthy and delicious. What are you waiting for to recommend it to your friends? It will be super handy!

Complete recipe: Omelette in microwave-safe cup

Snack and dessert

You already know that in our healthy menus there is always room for a healthy snack, because taking care of yourself doesn't have to mean you have to stop enjoying! Therefore, we recommend that you prepare a few Biscuits with nuts and cherries that you can enjoy daily between meals, but always make sure you don't beat us.

These cookies combine a fruit, a dried fruit and chocolate and to make them, we use whole wheat flour and instead of cherries in syrup, full of sugar in their juice, we choose cherries at of course. To finish making a healthy recipe, we'll set sugar aside as an ingredient and add some instead dark chocolate chips as pure as possible.

Complete recipe: Biscuits with nuts and cherries

But wait, we're not done with the surprises from this menu yet. We have another grill for you that you will love and that you can include with your meals in a timely manner Dessert: this Coffee and walnut biscuit. To make it healthy, we will need to change some ingredients for healthier versions, such as: use a whole wheat flour or substitute sugar for dates.

Complete recipe: Coffee and walnut biscuit

Nutrition Council

The dairy are a group of foods that are characterized by their protein High Quality. They are healthy and health-friendly foods as long as they are healthy versions such as low-processed cheeses, natural yogurt without sugar or sweeteners, low-fat smooth fresh cheese, etc. These can be taken, but that can be said they are not essential foods in our diet. Some versions are healthy and others are not, such as smoothies, very fatty cheeses, cooking creams, liquids … and these options should be avoided in the vast majority, as they offer us fats and calories more than we don't need. In short, our nutritional advice is that when you want to consume them, you always choose a healthy option.

See you next week with the next episode of the Healthy weekly menu! Follow us on our Youtube Channel to learn about all the healthy recipes you can incorporate into your daily life and share them with your friends and family so everyone can turn their lifestyle into a healthier one. We show you that taking care of yourself is not about enjoying!

See you soon, Kitchen!

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