Hazelnut and marionberry semifreddo

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Have you ever had a marionberry? How about semifreddo? You should try this delicious low carb ice cream as soon as you can. No ice cream maker needed!

There is a clear possibility that you have no idea what this recipe is about. For some of you, there may be some unknown words in the recipe title. Some of them were not familiar to me not long ago. So let's do a little translation, shall we? Marionberry = a large blackberry variety found in Oregon (a variety of which Oregonians are remarkably proud!). Hazelnut = well, I should know, but some of you might call them hazelnuts. Semifreddo = a kind of Italian smoothie-free ice cream that is often served sliced. Then you could call this great Oregon Blackberry Filbert No Churn ice cream; maybe that would be a little bit easier to understand. But it would be a strange and unattractive name. Plus, it's fun to spark your curiosity with a name like Marionberry Hazelnut Semifreddo.

I've always had a fridge, but I love trying new techniques. And I know that many readers don't own an ice cream factory, so this is a great way to get your ice cream too. Many unsweetened sugar-based ice creams revolve around sweetened condensed milk for the right consistency, but semifreddo uses eggs and egg yolks to create a thick cream that is then folded into whipped cream. This method intrigued me and I was eager to try it. The conventional semifreddo also stays fairly fluffy in the freezer due to the yolks, sugar, and whipped cream. Hence the name semifreddo (semi = medium, freddo = frozen). That's definitely more complicated when you don't have sugar involved, but I was determined to give it a try. And it was perfect for Davidson's Safest Choice® Pasteurized Eggs, since you needn't fear those undercooked eggs when added to ice cream.

I had all kinds of flavor possibilities running through my mind, some of which I could try another time. But then I got home from the farmers market with a few pints of juicy, juicy blackberries and I was dying to use them on ice cream. You could really consider this recipe as an ode to the state of Oregon, where marionberries originate and where most hazelnuts come from. You could also call this Oregon Semifreddo.

While my sugar-free half-frozen froze stronger than the traditional type, I was really impressed by the consistency. It never got rock hard and was still slicable and cuttable even after many hours in the freezer. Once it was there for over a day, it was definitely more difficult to cut, but a few minutes on the counter and a sharp knife solved it. There was no ice at all, it was just smooth and creamy, all those Safer Choice Eggs did the trick! Studded with great Oregon blackberries and Oregon roasted hazelnuts, this is the perfect low carb summer treat.

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Chances are you can't find marionberries in your area. That's fine, you can use regular blackberries!

Many thanks to Davidson’s Safest Choice® for partnering with me to bring you this recipe.

Nutritional information per serving (8 servings):

Dietary energy: 254kcal Total fat: 22.40 g Calories from fat: 201 Cholesterol: 146 mg Carbohydrate, by difference: 6.50 g Total dietary fiber: 2.00 g Protein: 4.48 g

Erythritol: 11.25g


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