Guilt-free Banana Split smoothie with Greek yogurt

One of the many, loving, childhood memories I have is when we should all jump into the Chevy Impalas, Thunderbirds and various "muscle cars" in cloth and go to the nearest Dairy Queen on a hot summer evening! As soon as the adults announced the evening's surprise, we would RACE to the cars, barefoot and covered with dirt from today's fairy tales, jump into the back seats, and laughter, smiles, giggles and "car songs" would immediately erupt in anticipation of what special treatment we will soon be hovering over! Much debate would mean what the "ultimate choice" would be!

My favorite was always simply a small cone of vanilla ice cream, skillfully dipped into a delicious saucepan of warm, creamy, golden, melted butterscotch that magically turned into a crispy shell as soon as it coated the icy, creamy, soft-serve ice cream with that cute little curl on top!

As we pulled up, the bright lights against the dark, twinkling sky made your eyes light up, and the high chant would stop instantly, at the same time! Now it was time to start considering your choices because this was it serious business! So … we would see the line … the line that always seemed infinite long! To think that everyone in town must have had the same idea! But we would all stand in our places, wait our turn and say hello to people we knew, slap the mosquitoes and try to catch all the lightning bugs that were drawn to all the excitement! It was almost daunting when it was finally your turn! (Would my mind go blank? Would I forget what I was waiting for so long?) But when that tiny little window would slide open and the rush of wonderfully icy cold air hit you, you came to your senses and remembered at the last minute what you wanted! "A banana split, please!" Just for fun! 😉 I always remembered! 🙂

But as I got older, there were banana splits so a lot of fun to share with a friend! The "strawberry side" was always my favorite, so whoever I shared with was always happy to get the "chocolate side"! The pineapple section in the middle was split “even Steven”, but unless you ordered an extra cherry, the crown jewel was worth fighting for, lol! Bananas, whipped cream and chopped nuts were the icing on the cake! And the melted part on the bottom when everything mixed together was very best part! Oh, that dreamy, creamy melted ice cream with all the good stuff combined! You can still just taste it!

Well, strangely we don't have any DQ where we live now, but I don't need the extra calories in any case. So this is my healthy and healthy alternative that tastes just like a banana split I'm not killing youminus all calories and fat! How AWESOME is that ?? And control me, it actually just tastes like one Banana split! I was so very happy with this one and my hubby was in 7th heaven! Banana Splits is his ultimate favorite, no doubt going back to his own childhood DQ experiences! So, if you long for something that takes you back, without all the extra fat that settles on your hips … you. will. Love this !! Hope you enjoy the summer so far, and especially hope you find this as much of a royal, yet healthy, indulgence as we did! Enjoy!

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Make 2 servings

1 large frozen banana, halved, peeled and cut into pieces

1/2 cup (rounded) fresh frozen strawberries

1/2 cup (rounded) fresh frozen pineapple pieces

1/2 Tbl. honey

1/2 cup dark or semi-sweet chocolate chips

1 Tbl. chocolate syrup

1 tsp. vanilla

1 (6 oz.) Container Chobani Greek Yogurt

1 (6 oz.) Can pineapple juice

Optional toppings:

whipped cream

finely chopped or ground pecans or chopped peanuts

toasted coconut

maraschino cherries


Add ingredients, in order, in blender to light mixture. Blend on high until well blended and smooth. Pour into 2 glasses. Top with any optional toppings as suggested above, or enjoy as is.

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