Gastronomy at the April Fair in Seville

Hello Cocinacas! This week we celebrate the Seville Fair in April from the balconies. For this reason, we want to look at what the dishes and the drinks more typical and show you something recipes, in case you want to prepare them at home and enjoy the festive atmosphere.

The April market is a symbol of Andalusian gastronomy, served in portions and tapas. Declared International festival of tourist interest, is one of the most important festivals in Seville. It is usually held annually in the spring, two weeks after Easter. Starts on Saturday night with the popular one lighting, illuminating the thousands of lights and lanterns that illuminate the room. After a week of partying, it officially ends the following Saturday with a performance of Firework on the banks of the river Guadalquivir.

The Real of the Fair It is divided into 15 streets with the name of an important bullfighter figure and in it are the booths where you can go as a guest and public. Also has the call Hell Street that is the area where the theme park, and parking.

During the week, the Sevillian hosts his stall to receive family and friends, as if he were dealing with his house. To do this, they are decked out to their taste and the sevillanas, the horses, the dance, the clapping and the good atmosphere, accompanied by typical dishes and drinks.

There is no basic guide that sets the times for food and drink, it is best to let go and enjoy according to the taste of each and what we want at the time. What is certain is that you must be hydrated and have enough energy in the body if you want to tolerate it flamenco rhythm.

The most typical dishes of the fair in April

Frying at the fair in April

  • The fried fish

Other specialties include chocos, marinated dogfish, baby squid or anchovies, and pijotas. Fried should not be missing as one of the essentials of the Andalusian food.

  • A good fresh dressing

Like spiced potatoes, the salad of the house or the melva to enjoy in good company.

  • Tapas and montaditos

The classic tapas should not be missing in any position to enjoy the most traditional effects.

The Iberian ham is the absolute protagonist of every tapas menu in Seville. Among those of your life are also the cheese or the potato omelet. Nor should we forget it shrimps from Sanlúcar de Barrameda waves shrimps from Huelva, just like the pickles.

  • Andalusian gazpacho

Especially popular because it is taken cold, it is refreshing, healthy and has a large following.

  • Casseroles with stews of the day

Casseroles like bull tail, the Iberian cheek, the Andalusian stew and the chickpeas with spinach or with cod. They are very popular, tasty and nutritious. Nor is the stew broth with a fine trickle to brighten up the body.

  • Desserts

To close the day of the fair, the Sevillians opt for churros with chocolate or buñuelos, to eat on the way home.

The most refreshing drinks

Rebujito on the stock exchange in April Rebujito, Iberian ham and shrimps

With or without food, what you should not miss at the Seville Fair are the typical drinks, some of which stand out next to the beer.

  • Rebujito

It has been the most popular drink for years. It is made with came chamomile y lime lemonade, to which a lot of ice and a little peppermint is added. It is very rich and very refreshing, but be careful as it is an alcoholic drink.

  • Camomile from Sanlúcar de Barrameda

It is a generous wine And dry. It has its own designation of origin, because it is made in the area of ​​the mouth of the river Guadalquivir, where it is possible to breed this unique and nuanced wine.

  • Fino de Jerez

It is a different type White wine, generous and dry. It leaves a pleasant feeling of freshness, so it goes perfectly with sausages and Iberian ham.

Who doesn't want to enjoy one of the liveliest and most prominent fairs in Spain? Put you flamenco dress or from Rider and long live the April Fair!

We hope you enjoy it this week and that the circumstances do not take away your desire to party. Tell us how you celebrate and what your favorite dishes and drinks are.

If you also want to continue enjoying yourself gastronomyHere you will also find what the typical recipes and dishes of Seville are, so you can make them at any time of the year.

See you soon, Kitchen!


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