Garlic and cauliflower bread with cheese and slow cooker

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Do you want an easy and healthy bread recipe that is naturally gluten-free? It couldn't be easier than this low carb garlic cheese bread cooked in your clay pot!

That slow cooker has become a much-loved kitchen tool. It wasn't too long ago that I avoided most slow cooker or slow cooker recipes, thinking they weren't very good and resulted in hard, flavorless meats and overcooked vegetables. Now I know this was largely due to my old clay pot, which was not very good and always gave off a strange smell when heated. Now that I have a better slow cooker, I can see the appeal of using it for everything. I still love using my oven, stove, and grill, but putting a few ingredients in the slow cooker and moving away can make dinner preparation a breeze. It's also VERY helpful for desserts, as evidenced by my fondness for creating low carb slow cookers.

And now it turns out to be quite useful for making low carb bread too. Cauliflower bread, to be specific. I saw a great recipe for a crockpot cheese pizza with cauliflower crust and I was very inspired to try a version of myself. I found the basic dough too moist, so I added a little coconut flour to help absorb the extra moisture. I also added more cheese to the dough to help keep it a little bit better. I sprinkled it a bunch of minced garlic and covered it with more cheese and then I let it cook! The results were delicious and it was very easy to do. Another victory for the slow cooker!

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Serves 8.

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Dietary energy: 224 kcal Total fat: 14.95 g Calories from fat: 134 Cholesterol: 97 mg Carbohydrate: 5.63 g Total dietary fiber: 1.86 g Protein: 15.29 g

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