Flourless walnut pie with fresh figs

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My Flourless Walnut Cake with Fresh Figs is a 3-ingredient gluten-free cake with gorgeous figs and lightly sweetened whipped cream. This classic Italian cake recipe is truly special!

You've read it right ~ this flourless walnut cake is made with just 3 ingredients.

Ground nuts, eggs, and sugar are a perfectly moist, grain-free dessert with a truly sophisticated flavor. It is unusual and very delicious. It has the light / dense / moist texture of a great brownie, and it almost tastes like chocolate, it's so yummy! You can see in the photos that the thin crust is crispy and breaks slightly when you cut it … then comes the reward: a fluffy and delicious center that is the essence of walnuts. This cake is a great discovery for me, I am very happy with it.

Do you have a favorite walnut? The nuts are mine because the flavor is very complex. I love the touch of bitterness that plays so well in sweets and desserts.

How to make walnuts "flour" or food ~

Making your own walnut flour is a snap if you have a good blender or food processor. If you don't, you can always buy it, and the best is online here, because most stores do not stock this specialty item.

  • Start with fresh walnuts, I like to use halves, which I think are always fresher than the pieces.
  • Put the nuts in a food source or in a high-speed blender like a Vitamix and press the machine to break down the nuts. The transformation only takes seconds. I've even done this on my little mini processor, in batches.
  • Note: For this job, I actually think a food processor works better than my Vitamix high-speed blender, which is too powerful and risks turning nuts into butter too quickly. If you use a high speed blender, look at it carefully. With the blender, I will stop and rearrange the nuts a couple of times so that everything is evenly ground.
  • Don't take it too far or you will turn nuts into nut butter!
  • Weigh or measure your walnut flour and continue with your recipe. I recommend using this right away, or if you need to store it, put it in a zippered freezer bag or airtight container and store it in the fridge or freezer until you need it. Walnuts are high in fat and can be easily spoiled.

How to make a flourless pecan pie ~

  • Butter, flour (you can use walnut flour) and line the bottom of a 9-inch cake pan with parchment paper.
  • Separate your eggs. Beat the egg yolks with sugar until pale and creamy. Beat for 5-7 full minutes.
  • Beat the whites until they are peaks and then gently fold in the dough.
  • Fill the pan and spread evenly.
  • The cake puffs up like a souffle and resets as it cools. You shouldn't over bake this cake, (think of it as a great brownie), it will be quite moist. The cake should appear firm and not wobble, and a toothpick inserted in the center should come out without wet dough.
  • Let cool for 15-20 minutes, then gently remove the cake, remove the parchment, and then flip onto a plate. Or, skip all the nervousness and wear a 9 inch spring font.

The cake puffs up like a souffle in the oven, but sinks again as it cools, developing those beautiful crackles. The outer crust is thin and crisp thanks to the beaten egg whites, while the inside is moist and fluffy.

You can top it with figs like I do, or just make a halo of whipped cream and toasted walnuts. It is a good presentation for the company and you have the gluten free dining rooms covered automatically.

I couldn't resist the Jammy Tiger Striped figs with their yellow and green striped skins that are in season now in July and August, but any ripe fig would work on top of this cake. The dark purple figs from the quest would be just as good. Sigh, they are not figs wonderful??

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If you want to skip the fruit, you can focus your efforts on a special whipped cream… I like to beat mine with a little sour cream or mascarpone cheese at room temperature to further enrich it. Then sprinkle some toasted walnuts on top.

I have a good selection of gluten free cakes and cookies on the blog if you need to eliminate gluten from your diet or if you are like me and you love the unique texture of natural gluten free desserts.

Types of nuts that can be ground into flour or flour and used in gluten-free desserts ~

Walnuts can be ground with or without their skins, and raw, blanched or roasted ~ and each iteration produces a different result, feel free to experiment.

Flourless Pecan Pie Recipe

Flourless Walnut Pie with Fresh Figs is a 3-ingredient gluten-free pie topped with figs and whipped cream. This classic Italian recipe is really special!

Course dessert

Italian cuisine

Preparation time: 15 minutes

Cooking time: 55 minutes

Makes 10 servings


  • 8 ounces or 228 grams of ground walnuts, about 2 cups
  • 9 ounces or 255 grams of granulated sugar, about 1-1 / 4 cups
  • 6 large eggs, at room temperature
  • 1/4 teaspoon cream of tartar, optional


  • fresh figs, cut into wedges
  • Crushed walnuts
  • powdered sugar
  • sugared sugary cream
  • Preheat oven to 350F of butter and flour a 9-inch cake pan or spring pan. If you use a cake pan, line the bottom with a circle of parchment paper.

  • Separate the eggs and beat the yolks with the sugar for about 7 minutes, or until they are yellow and fluffy. I do this in my stand mixer equipped with the globe accessory.

  • Fold the ground walnuts into the mixture.

  • Beat the egg whites to medium peaks. I always add cream of tartar to help stabilize my egg whites, but that's optional. Note: If you reuse your stand mixer, be sure to wash the bowl and beat thoroughly with hot, soapy water… any trace of oil or grease will prevent the egg whites from whipping well.

  • Gently fold the egg whites into the batter. I like to fold a tablespoon of egg whites into the batter, and then pour the batter into the bowl with the egg whites… it seems to mix more easily that way.

  • Once your dough is smooth with no large streaks or chunks of egg white remaining, turn your skillet and smooth.

  • Bake, on a baking sheet, for about 40-45 minutes or until raised and placed in the middle. A toothpick inserted in the center should come out without wet dough.

  • Let the cake cool on a wire rack for 15 minutes, and then gently remove the outer ring. If the cake hasn't come off the edge of the pan naturally, run a blunt knife over the edge to loosen it first.

  • Let cool before decorating with figs, nuts and powdered sugar.

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