Eva's first birthday

I am finally writing about Eva's first birthday. Her party was over 2 weeks ago, but my husband has his birthday 5 days after hers. Of course, we did a lot of celebration and cake eating for the last 2 weeks. Birthdays are special, and even though parties are big, it's really about the people who surround you. I feel so blessed to have our family and friends who show so much love to us. Her smile is everything and my heart is so full!

Since this is a food blog, highlighting the food at the party is only appropriate. I have to say that my hubby really did himself and I couldn't be more proud. Danny smoked a breast and pork shoulder, both of which came out Amazing! The 2-day process paid off and he took his Kamado skills to a new level. He used a dry rub for the meat and left it to marinate in the fridge for 24 hours.

barbecue marinade

The following night he placed the meat in Kamado and let it smoke at low (225 degrees) for about 14 hours. There was over 20kg of meat in there, so it needed some time! Just look at that crust, perfection!


After the meat reached an internal temperature of 195 degrees, he covered it and placed it in a cooler to rest for 3 hours. This is definitely a crucial step, otherwise all the juices will run out and your meat will become dry. Let it rest for at least 1 hour. Once the meat had rested, he thinly cut his chest and shredded the pork.

pulled pork

We had pastry sliders, BBQ sauce, pickles, Coleslaw and Creamed Corn. A true Southern meal!


The second most imported part of a party is dessert! I love having some options for dessert, and having mini-sized ones are perfect for guest to try. My dear friend Dusty is an amazing -, and if you live in the Phoenix metro area, you need her to make a cake for you. Follow her @ hautecakeartist on Instagram or Facebook. Dusty made a very elegant and delicious chocolate with cream cheese filling cake.


The decoration was exactly what I wanted, simple and elegant. She also made delicious mini Strawberry cupcakes, which she decorated with pink frosting and gold glitter on top. Perfect for Eva's light and gold theme.mini-cupcakes

I also made bread bites from Cooking Classy. These were surprisingly easy to manufacture and stored well so I could have them for a day to come. For a party favor, I made chocolate dipped Oreo pops and pink sprinkles. After they dried, I packed them in bags of cute little tags I found in the Hobby Lobby. I also had some pink Hershey kisses and freshly cut watermelon for a healthier option.

Oreo Pops

For Eva's Smash Cake, I just made a box of white cake, homemade whip premium and her absolute favorite fruit, raspberry on top. She was more interested in eating the raspberries than the cake!

Name Banner

Her name banner on the highchair was made by my friend Hayley, who also carried the numbered monthly banner, and Eva's amazing Onesie. And she's definitely a & # 39; wild & # 39; children 🙂

monthly banner


The center pieces are just vases in dollars that I sprayed painted gold glitter on the bottom and used white paper dolls underneath. My mother arranged beautiful roses and carnations in the vases.


According to Mexican tradition, we had a pink '1' Pinata for all the kids to smash. Eva didn't really know what was going on, so it was mainly for the older kids.


And finally we sang Happy Birthday and were able to get a family picture of 4 of us. It's a little blurry, but it's perfect! I still deny that my baby girl is growing so fast, but I am so excited to see the amazing girl she grows up to be. Mom, dad and brother love you so much!

bday song

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