Discover blue tea or oolong tea and its properties

Hello Cocinacas! Did you know that among the different types of tea, there is one called blue tea or oolong tea? It is not one of the best known and that is why today we want to talk about its properties and its multiple benefits.

Tea is part of our food section because to maintain a healthy and balanced diet, it’s also important to eat healthy and exercise well hydrated. And a good way to do that is to drink water from the tea.

So far we have talked about the properties of red tea, green tea and its benefits, and black tea as one of the trendy drinks. However, the range of teas does not end there. To complete the list of the five most popular, we must refer to two others, the white tea and blue tea or oolong tea. All of them have properties and advantages in common, such as their stimulating power or their preventive effect against diseases, but these are the differences that characterize them.

We will start by telling you where blue tea or oolong tea comes from, then we will see in more detail what its properties are and we will finish with a curiosity that will attract your attention.

Blue tea, also called oolong tea or Champagne of teas it has its origin in china. You could say that it is a tea halfway between red and green, due to its semi-fermentation process. In this case, it’s a rusty tea.

Contains a low theine level and it's very digestive to enjoy after meals. In addition, it is a tea that can be brewed several times to appreciate its nuances at any time. Is distinguished by its different flavors and smells, among which a slight natural flavor of walnut.

8 benefits of blue tea or oolong tea

Drink blue tea or oolong tea

It’s an antioxidant drink

It is distinguished by its high antioxidant power, which benefits the immune system. It is attributed to the strong presence of catechins in its composition. These substances are flavonoids and have a great capacity to protect cells and delay aging.

Prevents cancer and helps lower cholesterol

Because of the catechins we discussed in the previous point, this type of tea helps lower cholesterol.

Preserves the cardiovascular system and regulates sugar levels

Catechins also help improve blood pressure and lower blood sugar, thereby limiting the effects of diabetes. In the latter case, keep in mind that tea is just a supplement, not a medicine.

Helps lose weight and is a diuretic

It also acts as a fat burner. When you take it, your body does not absorb all the fat you eat and even helps remove fat from the body.

Protects the liver

If your health requires you to take care of the liver, blue tea will prevent you from having a fatty liver.

Provides vitamins and minerals

These will help you maintain good skin condition.

The reason this tea is not as famous as the other four is that Asia only exports 5% of its production to the rest of the world. The other 95% market it in their own country.

As a final note and curiosity, we would like to tell you that despite the name of blue tea, the color obtained is not that, except because the dry leaves they have a reflection very similar to blue.

Have you ever seen this type of tea in your usual store? Let us know if this is the first time you have heard of it or if, on the contrary, you have had the chance to try it outside of Asia.

If you want to know more, we tell you what the uses of tea are in the kitchen, since it is not only used as a drink.

We will be back very soon with more recipes and gastronomic curiosities.

Until the next kitchen!

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