Dalgona coffee

How to make Dalgona coffee. Being disconnected from the networks is practically impossible now that we are all homebound. The good thing about this moment is that we have more time to explore and learn new things, carry out new challenges and do tasks that in other circumstances would be almost impossible. Perhaps this is why this coffee has become a viral challenge on networks such as Instagram or Tik-Tok.

Dalgona coffee

And although here we are not much to follow fashions or sign up for viral challenges, with this delicious coffee we have made an exception, because it seems to us that just like what happened with the Vanilla FrappƩ Coffee this is one of those recipes that come to stay. And is that in addition to being delicious, it is very easy to make. That yes, the challenge is to beat 400 times by hand !!. But we have done it with an electric mixer, which is easier and much faster.

Dalgona coffee is very popular in eastern countries such as China, India, or Pakistan, extending its popularity to countries such as Greece and Cuba. But why did the quarantine drink go viral? Blame it all on Korean actor, singer, and casual model Jung Il-woo. When at the end of January, he published it on YouTube showing the step by step to prepare Dalgona coffee. A drink that you had the opportunity to try in a cafe in Macao, China. What caught his attention about this drink was its resemblance to a traditional Seoul caramel, which receives the same name as this Dalgona coffee. These candies are made with a mixture of boiled water with sugar and to which is added baking soda.

Ingredients for 1 coffee

  • 4 tablespoons of soluble coffee
  • 4 tablespoons of white sugar
  • 4 tablespoons of boiling water
  • Pure cocoa powder (optional)
  • 200ml milk

Dalgona coffee elaboration

  1. To start making Dalgona coffee, we are going to put sugar, soluble coffee and very hot water in a large bowl. The proportions will always be the same.
  2. Then we will beat until we get a very firm coffee cream with a texture similar to that of a meringue. It can be beaten by hand, but I advise you to do it with an electric mixer, since it is much faster and the consistency of the cream is firmer.
  3. To finish we put the milk in a glass. Then we put the coffee cream on the milk and finish sprinkling with a little cocoa powder, although this is completely optional. And you can already enjoy a delicious Dalgona coffee.

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