Cran ~ Cherry & Kirsch Cocktail


One of the special advantages that my hubby works for a German company is when he travels there or when they come here, lovely chocolates, alcohols and liqueurs are always sure to be enjoyed! And the other day, when I was about to clear a cabinet to be removed, I came across a nice bottle of Kirsch that had been opened and barely used. I must have used it for a German black forest cake! Those are some powerful things, so I was careful not to add too much and boy was it ever well mixed with some Ocean Spray Cran ~ Cherry Juice! Going through even a small remodeling job can be very stressful and tiring, and it definitely hit the spot and helped keep my reasoning up and running! Ha! Kirsch is a clear, colorless fruit brand that is double distilled from the sour, sour cherries whole. Pits and all, and the cherries actually give it a light almond-like flavor! This is what is used to make many things in Germany, such as the famous Black Forest Cake, which is heavenly !! I will have to make a new one soon and share the recipe with you! But at least if you've never heard of Kirsch, I'd explain to you what it is. The only caveat is that it is very potent, so go easy with this. A little goes a long way! This may not depend on how high-quality it is, so just read the label and note the evidence (alcohol content) and use your own best judgment. Well, everything is transferred to the new fridge, and I'm sure the hubs will need some help getting the old fridge into the garage. The fun never ends. So I better get started! You all have a great day and remember this recipe for the summer when you want to try something a little different! It is truly refreshing and perfect company on a hot summer evening!



Serving 1

6 oz. Ocean Spray Cran ~ Cherry Juice

1 oz. Kirsch


In a large glass place a couple of ice cubes, add Kirsch, fill to the top with Cran ~ Cherry juice. Stir, server. Enjoy!

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