Cold Vichyssoise recipe

Cold Vichyssoise recipe

Vichyssoise soup is a cold cream of leeks that is mainly made with only 3 ingredients, leek, potatoes and cream. It is very easy to prepare and in summer it is of category to have it made in the fridge, to get home and take it very cool. This time along with RecetasGratis I am going to explain my recipe to make a cold vichyssoise delicious accompanied by some quail eggs that give it a very special touch. You will see!

2 diners 30m Starter Low difficulty Additional features: Cheap cost, Boiled, Traditional French recipe Ingredients:

  • 2 leeks
  • 1 small potato
  • 1 small onion
  • 40 milliliters of evaporated milk or liquid cream
  • 1 piece of butter
  • 400 milliliters of chicken broth
  • 1 pinch ground pepper
  • 1 pinch of salt
  • 2 quail eggs (optional)

Steps to follow to make this recipe: 1

First, to make this cold vichyssoise recipe, peel the potato and break it into pieces. Then peel the onion and leek and cut them into julienne strips.

Put a saucepan on the fire and add the butter, sauté the onion without it becoming colored, add the leek and sauté everything together.

Add the potato chips, turn around and add the hot chicken stock. Let it cook everything about 30 minutes.

Cold Vichyssoise Recipe - Step 1 two

If you are going to use the quail eggs, cook them and let them cool down.

After the cooking time of the vegetables, crush the vichyssoise soup with the mixer until a cream of leeks and fine potatoes remains, and let it cool in the fridge.

Once the vichyssoise is cold add evaporated milk or liquid cream, and add salt and pepper.

Place the cooked and peeled eggs in the center of the bowls where you are going to serve the cold cream of leeks.

Cold Vichyssoise Recipe - Step 2 3

Take the cold vichyssoise around the egg. Finally, season the cream of leeks with extra virgin olive oil.

Trick: If you have the vichyssoise too thick you can add a little more evaporated milk or cream.

Cold Vichyssoise Recipe - Step 3 4

Although this is a cream that is usually taken cold, I have to say that I also like it very hot and I usually do it in winter too.

I hope you liked this recipe from french leek cream and let me know by leaving me a comment or suggestion. I also encourage you to visit my blog Tangerines and Honey to find many more.

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