Coconut milk smoothie

Coconut milk smoothie

A good way to combat the heat is by drinking liquids continuously, although water is the most important liquid for our body, we can also enjoy when we hydrate with rich natural fruit drinks, like this one that I propose you today together with RecetasGratis.

Well, if you like tropical flavors, without a doubt, this coconut milk shake it's your smoothie. An easy, fast drink with few ingredients to brighten the day, impossible not to try it. Let's go for the recipe!

2 diners 10m Snack Low difficulty Additional features: Cheap cost, Popular in Spring-Summer, No cooking Ingredients:

  • 3 natural yogurts
  • 375 milliliters of coconut milk
  • 2 tablespoons of Honey
  • 1 pinch of grated coconut

Steps to follow to make this recipe: 1

To prepare our coconut and yogurt smoothie, we start with beat all the ingredients. We will put the yogurts, the coconut milk and the honey in the blender. Beat until the compound is homogeneous.

If you want to use natural coconut, here is the recipe to make coconut milk step by step.

Trick: Use 125 ml yogurts each for this recipe and if you like it a little sweeter, buy them sweetened

Coconut milk smoothie - Step 1 two

Distribute the yogurt and coconut smoothie in two wide glasses and reserve in the fridge so it is very cold.

This smoothie has a semi thick texture, that is why we have served it directly in the glasses before cooling, but if you prefer, you can leave everything in a jar and reserve in the fridge in this way.

Coconut milk smoothie - Step 2 3

When the time comes to enjoy the coconut milk shake, we take the glasses out of the fridge and just before serving, sprinkle a little grated coconut above and ready to enjoy it.

Although if you want something more adult, you can always add a touch of alcohol as in the coconut mojito recipe.

Coconut milk smoothie - Step 3 4

This easy coconut smoothie You can have it ready in less than 5 minutes and, as you can see, you only need a few ingredients. The result, a refreshing, natural drink with an exquisite flavor.

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Coconut milk smoothie - Step 4

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