Chocolate muffins

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Cupcakes are one of my favorite little delicacies. It's been years since I had one, but when I did, it immediately reminded me of why I needed to start doing them again.

It was a regular vanilla cupcake dipped in chocolate and the moment it touched my lips, I was transported back to some of my favorite cupcakes I had in the past. Yes, I definitely needed to do them again.

I've made some cupcakes for the blog before. My favorites are my pink vanilla muffins and my brown butter pecan muffins. I could live on those two for the rest of my life and be almost happy.

I say almost because we all know how I get these insatiable chocolate cravings. So I decided to make these chocolate muffins to help with that.

Here we use two types of chocolate in the dough and then dip it in more chocolate. Originally, I was going to dress up and top them with chopped nuts or freeze-dried strawberries, but I wanted to go a more fun route for my daughter and nieces, so she sprayed!

Probably my best decision.

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Why are Madeleines shaped like a shell?

There is some debate about the origins of the recipe, the name and shape of the muffins. Everything is believed to have originated from bakers in Commercy, a small town in Lorraine, France.

A popular belief is that the name comes from a maiden of the same name who made the gifts for the Duke of Lorraine. There is no definitive reason why the shape of the case was chosen, but I suppose it added a touch of elegance to the finished product.

Can I freeze Madeleines?

Yes, you can freeze them! They defrost easily by leaving them at room temperature for a few minutes when you are ready to eat or serve them.

How do I make cupcakes without a mold?

Cupcakes are defined by their characteristic shell shape. I bought my molds on Amazon. I have a regular size madeleine pan and a mini madeleines pan. If you don't want to invest in a pan, you can try baking them in greased and floured cupcake pans or donut pans. It just wouldn't fill your pan and control the cooking time.

What do cupcakes taste like?

Cupcakes should have crisp edges and a smooth but strong interior. They are deliciously buttery and traditionally flavored with vanilla or orange zest. These chocolate muffins taste like, well, chocolate. The recipe is actually similar to the brownie recipe I use often and has very strong brownie vibes.

We use a mix of semi-sweet and processed Dutch cocoa powder and dip them in their favorite chocolate (I used a mixture of milk and semi-sweet chocolate). You can substitute Dutch processed cocoa powder with whatever cocoa powder you have available.

Do you want more recipes?

In addition to all the cupcake recipes I shared earlier, you can also try my chocolate and coconut chip cookies, smores filled cookies, or my cream cookies. I have a feeling you can also enjoy my edible brownie. Don't forget to check out all my cookie recipes here.

chocolate cupcakes

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