Chickpea and feta cheese burgers

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You have to try these feta cheese chickpea burgers the next time you want a veggie burger. Made with a combination of chickpeas, feta cheese, carrots, shallots, and oregano, these burgers are full of flavor. Serve with crispy turnip fries or carrot fries.

I have a bad habit of spending too much money on veggie burgers at the store. My whole family loves them and they are an option to go to lunch and dinner in our house. Even my super picky two-year-old loves them. However, they can be expensive. So lately I've been experimenting with making my own veggie burgers at home, like these black bean apple burgers. But my new favorite is this version with feta cheese and chickpeas.

The flavors are Greek-inspired with feta cheese and oregano, but carrots add a touch of sweetness to balance out each outing. I mean, anything with feta cheese tastes delicious in my opinion, but these are really delicious. If you really wanted to take it to a Greek place, consider adding some roasted red peppers and olive tapenade on top. Mmm

One more idea to top it off! This chickpea veggie burger is especially delicious with a simple yogurt sauce. I make mine with nonfat Greek yogurt, lemon juice, lemon zest, fresh dill and a touch of garlic. So easy and the perfect creamy accompaniment to these burgers. Then pack everything into a hamburger bun with your favorite vegetables and dinner is ready.

How to make chickpea burgers

The key to making a really good chickpea veggie burger is to make sure you get the right consistency in the empanadas. While some people do this with a fork, I think the best burgers are made with a food processor. Plus, it's much easier to let the food processor do the work for you.

  1. Add the chickpeas, carrots, cheese, shallots, oregano, and egg to the food processor. Blend until well combined. It should be a thick paste.
  2. Remove from food processor. Add breadcrumbs and stir. Add more if the patties look limp.
  3. Form the chickpea mixture into patties.
  4. Place the chickpea empanadas on a plate or baking sheet and place them in the fridge for at least 15 minutes. This helps the patties stay together during cooking, specifically when turning the patties.
  5. Cook the patties in a hot skillet for about 4-5 minutes per side. Turn over when golden and crispy.

How to Freeze Chickpea Burgers with Feta Cheese

These burgers can also be prepared in advance and frozen for quick meals in the future. I like to freeze them individually and then take them out and heat them in a pan so they are crispy. They can be frozen raw or cooked, but I usually cook them so that if I need something really quick I can microwave them.

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This is the best way to freeze cooked and uncooked vegetable burger patties.

  • Raw Empanadas: Start by pressing any excess moisture on the patties with a paper towel. Simply press gently on the patties. The extra moisture can cause the patties to crumble when thawed. Then put them on a baking sheet, covered with parchment paper, and put them in the freezer. Let freeze for 3-4 hours until frozen and hard on the outside. Then put it in a freezer-safe bag or container. Burgers will not stick together like this. Burgers can be cooked frozen in a pan.
  • Cooked Empanadas: The most important thing is to let the patties cool completely before freezing them. Once fully cooled, follow the same instructions as above. Burgers can be gently reheated in a pan or in the microwave.

Chickpea Burger Recipe Ideas

Consider this basic recipe for chickpea veggie burgers that you can modify as you become more comfortable with the recipe.

  • Make them spicy: If you can't get enough spice, add some red pepper flakes, chili powder, or cayenne pepper to the burgers. You can also fill the burgers with a little harissa, sliced ​​jalapeños, or buffalo sauce.
  • Change the spices: These burgers have oregano, but you can use rosemary, thyme, basil, dill, or another dry herb. You can also try something different with curry powder, meat seasoning, turmeric or even something like Everything Bagel seasoning.
  • Try a different cheese: For a softer option, try using goat cheese instead. You can also make them with cheddar, pepper jack or Swiss cheese.
  • Make chickpea nuggets: For something different, turn them into chickpea nuggets instead of whole burgers. This is a great option for children.

Side Dish Ideas

  • It's hard to eat a hamburger and not want to eat fries. Try these skinny baked potatoes, garlic zucchini, parmesan, and pumpkin fries, or spicy potatoes with green beans.
  • For a lighter option, pair it with a homemade Greek salad or this Healthy Kale Caesar.
  • During the cooler months, I love serving this up with a soup like this slow cooker chipotle tomato soup.
  • Another healthy option is to make some homemade roasted vegetables like these balsamic Brussels sprouts or honey-roasted carrots.

How can I prevent my chickpea burgers from falling apart?

Believe it or not, canned chickpeas can have different humidity levels. This may be different between brands and sometimes, within the same can, some chickpeas may have absorbed more water during the cooking process. This means that sometimes a veggie burger recipe will work great for some people and crumble for others. If you find that your veggie burger doesn't stick together, try adding some extra breadcrumbs to keep the burgers together. On the other hand, if you find the patties too dry, you can add a little water or an extra egg.

Another incredible trick. Putting burgers in the fridge for 15-20 minutes or in the freezer for about 10 minutes is also a great way to help burgers stay together. They firm up and are much easier to flip.

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Chickpea and feta cheese burgers

PREPARATION TIME: 20 minutes COOKING TIME: 10 minutes TOTAL TIME: 30 minutes


  • 14 ounces canned chickpeas, rinsed and drained
  • 1 U carrot, diced
  • 1/2 cup reduced-fat feta cheese, crumbled
  • 1 or egg
  • 1 U minced shallot
  • 1 U garlic clove, minced
  • 1/2 teaspoonful of oregano
  • Salt and pepper
  • 3/4 cup seasoned breadcrumbs

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Add chickpeas, carrots, feta cheese, eggs, shallots, garlic, and oregano to a food processor. Blend until combined.


Season with salt and pepper and add the breadcrumbs. Form burgers and refrigerate for 15 minutes to firm the patty.


Spray a skillet with cooking spray. Cook for 4-5 minutes per side until toasted and well cooked.


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