Buffalo Chicken Dip

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Oh, this Buffalo Chicken Dip will really make your guests clean the bowl. I mentioned that the husband and I had spent time preparing some snacks for the children this week. They really like buffalo chicken (they are totally addicted to my chicken wing recipe now) so I thought we would surprise them with some Buffalo Chicken sauce. They were all ecstatic and ready to dive into the dip bowl when we prepared this for them to try.

Buffalo Chicken Dip

My aunt had finished on vacation and mentioned how she had made some Buffalo Chicken sauce for her family. I immediately begged for the recipe. I knew Buffalo Chicken Dip was popular and I would enjoy making it for the kids and my New Years guests. He had put some discounted chicken he had picked up from Aldi last week in the freezer. I knew I needed a recipe to use that chicken, ha ha! It worked perfect. Cream Cheese has been for sale over the holidays and I had enough hidden in the fridge to dip it.

INGREDIENTS 1 package of softened cream cheese. 1/2 cup hot sauce I used FRANK’S Redhot 1/2 cup blue cheese dressing (you can also use ranch dressing) 2 large boneless cooked chicken breasts grated 1 cup grated cheese

ADDRESSES Preheat oven to 350. In a medium bowl, combine all of your ingredients. Transfer your mixture to a 1 quart baking dish. Bake for 30 minutes. Stir and serve with vegetables or crackers.

My husband let me know that he had not been using my Kitchen Aid stand mixer to its full potential. I didn't realize that you can easily grind meat by placing it in the Kitchen Aid Mixer and letting the mixer grind your meat. How practical is that. Shredding my chicken took only a minute or two. I will never grind my own meat again, ha ha!

This sauce was very tasty. I am very grateful that my aunt shared her recipe with me and I can pass it on to all of you. I know that Buffalo Dip can be done in several ways, but I have been told it is more or less a "No Fail". So that makes me more anxious to serve this one for our New Year's Eve gathering.

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