Blueberry and Mango Smoothie {Vegan}

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This delicious Blueberry Mango Smoothie uses frozen mango and blueberry and is perfect for maximizing your winter nutrient intake. Use dairy-free yogurt to make it vegan!

It is still the middle of winter. Since seasonal produce is pretty low, we decided to mix our game with this delicious vegan mango-blueberry smoothie, which uses, wait, frozen fruit!

Frozen fruit is great. It is quickly collected and frozen at your choice, making it ripe and full of nutrients. Freezing is also the best way to preserve products when done correctly, since it does not need added sugars to preserve and the loss of nutrients is quite low.

Using frozen produce is a really smart way to consume more vitamins and nutrients in the dead of winter, when fresh produce is scarce and the snowy landscape keeps your spirits low. Even such a small thing, like a vibrantly colored smoothie, can help you get through the winter blues!

To make this Blueberry and Mango Smoothie, we use frozen mango chunks and frozen blueberries from the forest, add a little banana and vegetable-based yogurt and mix well. You can mix everything at once, or separately the mix of light and dark for a dramatic effect!

Top your smoothie with some coconut flakes, hemp seeds, and a handful of blueberries, fresh or frozen!

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Blueberry and Mango Smoothie

Performance: 2 Preparation time: 5 minutes Total time: 5 minutes

This delicious Blueberry Mango Smoothie uses frozen mango and blueberry and is perfect for maximizing your winter nutrient intake.


  • a handful of frozen mango pieces
  • 2 small bananas
  • 2 tablespoons frozen blueberries
  • 1/2 cup of plant-based yogurt
  • Water


  1. In a blender, add a splash of water and half the plant-based yogurt, a small banana, and frozen mango chunks. Blend and pour into a tall glass.
  2. To the blender cup, add another splash of water, the rest of the yogurt, a banana, and frozen blueberries. Blend and pour the glass over the mango mixture.
  3. Serve with coconut chunks, hemp seeds, and blueberries.
Nutritional information:

Calories: 138.71 Total Fat: 2.39 g Saturated Fat: 1.41 g Sodium: 29.38 mg Carbohydrates: 28.81 g Fiber: 3.01 g Sugar: 17.54 g Protein: 3.38 g More smoothie recipes here>

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