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Preparing a good locro is a matter of having a great desire to receive friends at our table, so for this occasion the 'love' component is basic in all this assembly, and is not just another ingredient that is thrown into the pot, but It is all the time that is dedicated to the preparation of this regional dish that is part of the same national culture. For a good preparation you need a good pot, large, of good diameter, deep. Enough of inventing using two medium-sized cacerolitas and trying to juggle. It is important not to go measuring and putting everything you think necessary into the pot. Borrow it from the club buffetero, from the owner of a restaurant of which you are a regular diner, from a friendly cook, or, what is more logical, go to a bazaar and buy yourself a pot as God commands, 35 cm. diameter. Remember that locro is a very profitable meal, which can invite many diners to your table … and you can also have several servings to fill some 'tupers' and store them in the freezer. As Jack (the ripper) said: "Let's go parts ”. The first thing is to get to the point. Or to the beans to be more exact. It has 1 kg of white corn (not corn, which is yellow) and another kilo of palpal beans (which are the largest) – although you can also put beans, or a mix of both -, and you have to leave them to soak the night before (You can also add chickpeas.) The next morning you have to strain the water in which the grains have been soaked, and put them to cook in different saucepans with a touch of coarse salt. last night, it is the tripe. Bring the 2 and a half kilos to a boil with salt and some bay leaves. Once cooked, cut it into small squares.

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Remember that the ideal is to serve the locro in individual clay pots (or ceramics), or failing that in deep plates, and eat with a spoon (no knife and fork) … therefore it is ideal to have all the ingredients cut into cubes, so it does not make it complicated for your diners, at the same time that this detail contributes to a better cooking and integration of all the ingredients.

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Argentines to things: we start cooking in the big pot. It is mid-morning and we invite our guests to lunch (type 13.30). For the cooking bottom we cover the bottom of our pot with oil, put it on high heat, chop about 6 onions and put them to sauté. We can also fry the fat and / or corito of raw ham (which our friend lunchbox will keep with affection for us when he knows how useful they will be to what they throw away).

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When the onion starts to brown (without actually burning) the first thing we throw at it is 1 kg of skirt (in very thin strips) –remember that we have to cut it into squares-. This cut of beef is important because the bones give it a special flavor (we can supplant it by roast strip). Then we add another cut of boneless beef (2 kg) -always diced- which can be a shoulder, roast beef, loin ball, buttock, square, etc. To this we add 1 kg of pork. I put bondiola, which has no bone or hardness (no legs). There we 'seal' the meats. Sealing the meat is a procedure prior to cooking it and allows us to better enjoy its flavor. On that we add salt (I prefer thick or barbecue, but it can also be fine), a touch of pepper -preferably black-, and two tablespoons of paprika (this time I used a smoked paprika that gave it a special touch). All this we mix well with 2 good (and long to avoid burning) wooden spoons. Another personal touch: I add a bottle of white wine (this time I put a Chardonnay, but to cook a tetra it also suits him) . Then we add the tripe, and mix well. Then we put about 250 grams of smoked bacon, cut into very small pieces; six barbecue sausages, and two red sausages, cut into thin slices, and mix well again. I also added the content of a sachet of broth to flavor (bacon or fine herbs).

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Now we add to the main cooking, the content of the previously cooked grains in separate saucepans, together with the liquid in which they did so since the legumes give off starch, a vital element for the integration of this tasty dish. Finally, since we were talking of integration, the convening nucleus of our traditional food arrives: the never well-weighted pumpkin, which gives it that special creamy touch, and its color enhances the preparation. Initially, he had put two kilos of previously boiled English squash, which after removing the shell, remains a kind of puree. Everything was ready, but as I had time (and the grocery store around the house was open) I added another English pumpkin (1 kg) to give more volume to the preparation, but this time I peeled it and cut into small squares, that were fully integrated into the cooking, and I also put two finely chopped red bell peppers. A ‘puema’!

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The dish itself is tasty, but smooth and healthy. Therefore, the spicy – for whoever wants to put it or not – is separate. I serve it in two versions: “Picante”, which is a sofrito of green onion and processed onion, ground chili, a lot of pepper, and salt; and "Silvina Luna", a very hot sauce that is added to the previous spicy version, a bitched chili, to take off her clothes.

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