Battered fried rooster recipe

Battered fried rooster recipe

Fried rooster battered in Andalusian style, a delight that you will love. Who does not like fried fish? Although it is not one of the healthiest dishes, it is undeniably delicious. The rooster is a white fish with a fine and smooth meat, which can be cooked in multiple ways and with different ingredients. This time, we have decided to give it full prominence and cook it battered and fried, in the purest Andalusian style.

The battered rooster that is used in Andalusia is small in size, difficult to find in other regions, so this same recipe can be made with larger pieces. Thus, we can make fried rooster fillets, having cleaned them before to remove the bones, especially if they will be eaten by children. To make this recipe, a special flour is also used to coat fish. It is chickpea flour that is already prepared, but it can also be made with normal wheat flour. In fact, in many bars they usually mix these two flours to make fried fish. Read on to find out how to make fried rooster following the instructions we share in RecetasGratis.

2 diners 15m Main course Low difficulty Additional features: Cheap cost, Fried, Spanish recipes, Andalusian recipes Ingredients:

  • 1 large rooster
  • 1 package of flour to coat fish or wheat flour
  • 1 glass of olive oil
  • 1 pinch of salt
  • 1 lemon

Steps to follow to make this recipe: 1

Put a little flour in a bowl and clean the fish. If you can't get special flour to coat fish, you can use chickpea flour or wheat flour.

Battered fried rooster recipe - Step 1 two

To clean the rooster, remove the head, remove the guts and cut the fins. Wash the pieces under the tap and dry them well. Cut the rooster into 3-4 pieces.

Battered fried rooster recipe - Step 2 3

Salt the fish and pass all the pieces through the flour. Then shake the fillets to remove excess flour. Put a pan with plenty of olive oil to heat over medium-high heat.

Trick: To make the battered rooster even crunchier, we recommend making a second batter by passing the fillets again through flour. You can also beat an egg and pass the fish through it first.

Battered fried rooster recipe - Step 3 4

When the oil is very hot, fry the battered battered rooster, this way the pieces will not stick together and they will cook much better. Let them be done on both sides until they are golden brown. They must be golden on the outside but juicy on the inside.

Trick: Continue cooking over medium-high heat so that the fried rooster is crispy.

Battered fried rooster recipe - Step 4 5

As you take out the pieces of fried rooster, you will put them on a plate with kitchen paper so that it absorbs the excess oil. So until all the pieces are ready.

Battered fried rooster recipe - Step 5 6

Serve the battered fried rooster recipe immediately, accompanied by a few lemon slices to squeeze the juice on top. And if you still have a rooster and you don't know what else you can do, don't miss this other recipe: "Grilled Rooster Recipe".

Battered fried rooster recipe - Step 6

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Battered Rooster – Accompaniments

It is a tradition in Andalusia and other regions of the country to serve the fried rooster battered with lemon juice on top, since it gives it an extra incredible flavor. In addition, you can accompany the fish dish with the following recipes:

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  • Potato straws
  • Grilled vegetables
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