Baked gilthead recipe with beer

Baked gilthead recipe with beer

We are going to prepare a fish dish together with RecetaGratis that you will love: baked gilthead with beer, a delicious fish dish, simple and quick to prepare.

I like to prepare the gilthead to the whole beer, that's why I ask the fishmonger to clean it and prepare it for the oven. It is an ideal dish to prepare at parties for a lunch or dinner since it is a light and soft dish.

I have prepared this baked gilthead with beer with potatoes, but you can put a more complete garnish and put several vegetables for example. Take advantage!

4 diners 45m Main course Low difficulty Additional features: Medium cost, Baked recipes Ingredients:

  • 1 golden (1 kilo)
  • 3 potatoes
  • 1 can of beer
  • 1 lemon
  • 1 pinch of salt
  • 1 jet of oil

Steps to follow to make this recipe: 1

We prepare all the ingredients to prepare the roast bream with beer. We turn on the oven at 180 ºC with heat up and down.

Baked Dorada with beer recipe - Step 1 two

Peel and cut the potatoes into thin slices. We put them in a baking dish covering the entire background, we put a little salt and oil.

Baked Dorada recipe with beer - Step 2 3

We put the gilt on top, we cut some lemon slices and we will put them in the cuts of the fish. With the rest of the lemon we toss the juice on top along with a little salt and oil.

Baked Dorada with beer recipe - Step 3 4

We add all the beer and we put the tray. Baked gilthead with beer will take about 20-30 minutes but can vary depending on the oven and also how you like the fish in fact.

Baked Dorada with beer recipe - Step 4 5

When the potatoes and golden beer ready, we take out of the oven. And to eat!

This recipe is perfect to prepare at Christmas, New Year or another designated date, like this typical pork fricandó as well. But if you don't like any of these 2 options, don't worry! In my blog Cooking with Montse you have many other ideas to choose from to make these special days very special days.

Baked Dorada with beer recipe - Step 5

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