Almond Flan Recipe

Almond Flan Recipe

This is a great homemade custard, made as the custard has traditionally been cooked but with one particularity, we have added ground almonds! This dessert will not leave you indifferent because its flavor is unmatched, since the almonds provide an extra softness and delicious aroma. In addition, its ingredients are simple and easy to find, so you can make this flan without practically difficulties.

If you do not get ground almonds keep in mind that you can buy the whole almonds and crush them at home. For this, we recommend you check the Homemade Almond Flour Recipe. That said, keep reading and discover by the hand of RecetasGratis how to make almond flan, It will surprise you!

4 diners 1h 30m Dessert Medium difficulty Additional features: Cheap cost, Recommended for children, Recipe without salt, Baked recipes Ingredients:

  • 250 milliliters of milk
  • 100 grams of sugar (½ cup)
  • 2 eggs
  • 80 grams of ground almond
  • For the caramel
  • 1 cup of sugar (200 grams)
  • 3 tablespoons of water

Steps to follow to make this recipe: 1

Prepare the mold or container that you will use to make the almond flan. Done this, start with caramel. To do this, put a pan on the fire, add the sugar and the water and let the sugar melt slowly and turn into a roasted caramel. So, remove it to prevent it from getting too dark and burning.

Almond Flan Recipe - Step 1 2

When you have the liquid caramel ready, without letting it harden, pour it into the mold that you have prepared, let it cool down and reserve it to continue with the following steps.

Almond Flan Recipe - Step 2 3

Beat the eggs with the sugar, Add ground almonds and beat for 1 minute at minimum speed if you beat it in a mixer, if you do it by hand you must beat for 3 minutes or until the mixture is homogeneous.

Trick: Preheat the oven to 180 ºC with heat up and down.

Almond Flan Recipe - Step 3 4

Once everything is integrated, also add the milk, beat for 1 minute at very slow speed or 2 minutes if by hand and reserve. Besides, prepare a baking tray and fill it with water so that the almond flan is cooked in a bain-marie.

Almond Flan Recipe - Step 4 5

Carefully pour the mixture that you have reserved on the container where you have the liquid caramel, put the flan in the oven tray where you put the water and bake the almond flan for 45 minutes at 180 ºC. If you need to cover the top of the flan because it is browning a lot, do it with aluminum foil.

Almond Flan Recipe - Step 5 6

When the almond flan is done, carefully remove the container and let it cool to room temperature, then take it to the fridge for a couple of hours. You can serve this delicious flan with ground almond recipe with whole almonds on top, with ice cream or with whipped cream.

Almond Flan Recipe - Step 6

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Ideas to decorate the almond flan

As we have already said, you can decorate your almond flan with whipped cream or ice cream. For the second option, we recommend you make your own homemade ice cream following one of these recipes:

  • Vanilla ice cream
  • White chocolate ice cream
  • Banana ice cream

Another excellent option is crush Mary cookies and sprinkle them on top, so you will get a delicious almond flan and cookies.

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