All the best waffle ingredients: tasty to sweet

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How many waffle toppings Can you think of the top of your head? My family has a well-established weakness for waffles and with that comes a weakness for all the amazing ways you can beat a hot and crisp freshly made waffle.

Is "waffle season" one thing? Or is it just me? We enjoy hot breakfasts year-round, but there's something wonderful in the fall and winter about taking out the waffle iron and watching the steam rise as they cook in the morning.

All I know is that right now, we are immersed in waffle season here and we are making all the ingredients to pour, stack and stack on our waffles.

From sweet to salty, there are many options when it comes to dressing your waffles. A basic whey waffle can be transformed from simple to spectacular with the right combination of ingredients.

I recently shared a list of some of my all-time favorite waffle recipes. After spending all that time thinking about waffles, it became clear that he would need another full post just to talk about waffle ingredients!

Sweet waffle ingredients

Longing for something sweet? My grandmother's waffle sauce will reign forever, but there are plenty of other delicious ways to beat them too.

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Classic Waffle Ingredients

Maple syrup is an almost universal favorite ingredient for good reason. No self-serve waffle bar is complete without a bottle of things. You can even try making your own homemade maple syrup if you want!

This maple cream cheese syrup I originally made for pancakes brings together the best of a creamy sauce and maple syrup.

Beyond maple, there is a whole world of other types of syrup to explore.

The buttermilk syrup first caught my eye when I tried it on pancakes in a restaurant. As soon as I managed to recreate it at home, I knew it would be delicious with waffles too, and I was right.

This simple strawberry syrup is a sweet summer flavor drizzled over waffles. Fruit lovers will enjoy it in waffles along with slices of fresh strawberries, blueberries, bananas, or peaches.

If you like fruity syrups, be sure to also try Meyer's lemon syrup and pomegranate syrup.

My waffle-loving family also enjoys brown sugar butter syrup when we have sweet waffles, and when it comes to homemade syrups it's hard to think of one that's easier to make.

Whipped cream is another classic waffle filling that has never misled me. Something about a fluffy tablespoon of whipped cream in a waffle makes breakfast feel very special, whether homemade or from a can.

Easy waffle ingredients

One of the easiest waffle toppings is also among the tastiest and simplest fresh fruit.

I could write sonnets about the magnificence of fresh fruit in waffles. Taking a bite of crispy, fluffy waffles along with a juicy berry, sliced ​​crispy apple, sweet banana, or spicy peaches is one of life's greatest joys.

Along with fresh fruit, I also like to put cooked fruits and jams on top of my waffles. Try applesauce and cinnamon with brown sugar or homemade peach jam on your next batch of waffles to enjoy.

Peanut butter may not immediately come to mind as a waffle filling, but it's certainly one of my favorite quick ways to dress up a waffle, especially on a busy morning.

Brewing a frozen waffle in the toaster and spreading some peanut butter on top makes for a nutritious and easy breakfast when we run out the door for a morning activity.

Everyone has eaten butter with waffles, but have you tried strawberry whipped honey butter yet? This sweet and creamy butter filling is as pretty in pink as it is delicious.


Waffles (waffles topped with ice cream) are the ultimate breakfast decay and are also an amazing dessert. For me, a scoop of ice cream melting in the grooves of a warm waffle is almost perfection.

You can eat ice cream waffles as is or top them with your other favorite ice cream ingredients like whipped cream, chocolate sauce, and cherries.

Salty waffle ingredients

Have you tried a salty waffle? You really are missing out if you haven't tried them yet. Cornbread waffles or cheddar chive waffles are a great place to start.

Soft fried eggs are a dream on top of a tasty waffle. Serve with a side of bacon for a hearty weekend breakfast that no one can refuse.

If you like cookies and sauce wait until you taste the waffles and sauce. Try a tablespoon of sausage sauce in a tasty waffle for brunch, breakfast, or a fun dinner.

If you like chili, cornbread, and fried tart, homemade chili cornbread waffles will be on your menu soon! Add all your favorite chili ingredients like sour cream, grated cheese, and avocado, and you're in savory waffle heaven.

If you tried a BBQ Sundae and loved it, these cornbread waffles with pulled pork, barbecue sauce, and coleslaw will make you very happy.

I love the idea of ​​these tacos filled waffles from Beyond Frosting. It makes perfect sense to take the best parts of the tacos and put them in a perfectly prepared waffle. I can't wait to try.

How about sweet and salty? These ham and cheese waffles are pretty awesome topped with maple syrup, and even more awesome topped with "hot" maple syrup. (It's amazing what a little hot sauce does to simple maple syrup.)

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