9 chicken salad recipes that Martha Stewart would love

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9 Chicken Salad Recipes Martha Stewart would love it ~ in fact, everyone will love these creative chicken salad recipes, and there's no soggy sandwich in the group!

I have a weakness for a big chicken salad, don't everyone? And since the brunch season is coming up, I thought it would be fun to put together my favorite recipes in case you're looking for something to offer Mom this Sunday, or maybe you're looking to improve your work lunch set.

My thickness Waldorf Chicken Curry SaladUpstairs it is so satisfyingly thick and full of goodies that it is hard to beat. Pack it on a nice crispy lettuce and you get a meal suitable for the most elegant brunch. Then again, layer it thickly between two slices of rye toast and add a little of that crisp lettuce, and I'm in heaven.

Curry figures in the center of the table chicken salad in my Great Island Curry Chicken Salad Plate dish too. I like how the touch of spice plays against the sweet and juicy fruit. I think this is the perfect salad for Mother's Day or for the shower, the colors are spectacular and I have used fruits that anyone can find throughout the year, just make sure they are nice and ripe.

One of my favorite recipes has to be me Chicken salad Summer rolls. As far as I know, I came up with the concept, and it's one of the most refreshing ways to eat chicken salad. Summer rolls are made with thin Thai rice wrappers that are soaked in water to make them flexible, then you can fill them with fresh ingredients. They have to be the most refreshing thing on the planet.

I have always liked salads that combine grilled meats or fish with fresh and crispy vegetables, like my Grilled Greek Chicken Salad. A little careful seasoning turns a simple boneless, skinless chicken breast into a wonderful meal.

The chicken strips appear in another of my favorite recipes on the blog, Chinese chicken salad. I could eat this every day of my life, a lot is happening, and everything is good!

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When it comes to classic chicken salads, mayonnaise, or whatever dressing you choose, is key. I love to change things, whether I'm doing my own homemade mayonnaise, or simply taking care of the store bought. Adding poppy seeds makes this Chicken salad with poppy seed mayonnaise pretty enough for a party.

If you are an adventurous cook, I recommend Yotam Ottolenghi Chicken and herb salad with saffron. As with many of your recipes, you never would have thought of combining these ingredients, or using a whole orange and saffron in the dressing (!) But it just works. And it works deliciously. I like the idea that none of your guests have had this, guaranteed.

Another favorite, oh god, I love chicken salad … and another hot / cold pairing is my Chicken Lettuce and Firecracker Wraps. Technically a chicken salad, right? Chicken and vegetables are cut into thin cubes and fried quickly, so if you prepare everything in advance, it will only take a few minutes to prepare. You can serve it in individual lettuce wrapping cups, or make it as a salad, in a large bowl.

No collection of chicken salad recipes would be complete with one of my all-time favorite summer recipes, Lemon chicken salad with buttermilk dressing. Based on one by Ina Garten, I added a lemon twist to the chicken offerings that make this such a wonderful meal, we come back to it again and again.


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