3 easy and tasty Swai recipes to make for dinner

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A summary of three recipes for Swai fillets: lime and swai chili fillets, garlic sauce with lemon in white wine and swai fillets with caper sauce and tomato and basil. All three swai recipes are easy, healthy, and tasty. Cook some swai for dinner tonight!

I've been doing some maintenance on my blog: updating recipes to make them easier to follow, making sure all my links work, etc. And while going through my posts, I realized that I have several really great swai recipes. That could have been lost in recent years.

I decided to share these swai steak recipes with you in one place on this page.

If you've had swai before, you're probably a big fan. How can it be that you are not? Swai is a tasty white fish that is very quick and easy to cook, is not too fishy and is very reasonably priced. It flakes perfectly and is very tender when cooked.

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If you have never had swai, I would recommend you give it a try. Usually sold as a bag of swai fillets in the frozen seafood section of grocery stores. And when it's for sale, you can sometimes find it as cheap as $ 3 a pound! That is cheap madness.

Swai can be used directly in place of tilapia in most recipes. So even if you can't get Swai, feel free to use tilapia in any of the recipes below.

If you have any questions or comments about these recipes, don't hesitate to contact us. Leave me a comment or message on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. And if you make one of these dishes, I would love to see your creation and that you would tag me on Instagram!

And now without further ado…

3 easy and tasty Swai recipes to prepare for tonight's dinner

1. 10 minute chili lemon chili fillets

Seriously, these swai steaks are ready in 10 minutes. That is incredibly fast! That's quicker than deciding where to order takeout.

Just season the swai and cook them in a pan for a few minutes. These lime chili fillets are great for fish tacos. They also make it a super easy meal when paired with a salad, rice, beans, quinoa, fries, they give you the idea. They go with everything.

And they are tasty. Put this swai recipe on for a weekday night when you're too busy to do something more elaborate for dinner.

Chili Lime Swai Steaks With Side Salad

2. Swai fillets in tomato and basil sauce and capers

Now this one looks a little more stylish! But it is still a very quick recipe. You will start by making a light and tasty tomato sauce with fresh basil and capers. Next, you will gently place the swai fillets in the pan and let them cook in the tomato and basil sauce. The result is a tasty and flaky swai steak.

Combine this recipe with some steamed or roasted broccoli, pasta, mashed potatoes, rice, and don't forget a slice of bread to dip into the sauce.

A truly wonderful dinner ready in 20 minutes! The tender and flaky Swai fillets with tomato sauce and capers are irresistible, easy to cook and very healthy. This recipe is a great way to use seasonal produce and herbs. From https://www.babaganosh.org

3. Swai Baked In A White Wine Lemon Garlic Sauce

This Baked Swai Recipe is one of my most popular recipes on the blog. Here's why: White wine, garlic-lemon sauce isso delicious. It has the perfect balance of lemon flavor, garlic goodness, and flavorful broth flavor. You can make the sauce ahead of time and then just pour it over the swai fillets and bake for about 15 minutes when it's time to eat.

And this recipe is fully scalable. You can double it if you want to serve a crowd, but the cooking time would not increase. This is an excellent recipe for dinner, or if you want leftovers for lunch the next day.

This Baked Swai recipe would go well with rice, risotto, mashed potatoes, linguine, or any other pasta. Make sure to put the extra sauce over the pasta and dip some bread in the sauce.

Baked Swai With White Wine

So there you have it. Three different ways to cook swai steaks. Each one very easy and direct, and each one with so much flavor. All three recipes are also very healthy, as the condiments and sauces for these swai recipes are very light.

Which of these swai recipes will you make first?

Leave a comment below or contact me on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.

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