18 fabulous tapas recipes

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18 fabulous tapas recipes

Just a few weeks ago, we organized a tapas night. Each couple, we invited two couples besides us, we made 5 dishes plus a magnificent sangria! That was a total of 15 dishes, it seems like a lot, but we managed to overcome them without problems. Some were small pintxos (just a bite), while others were slightly larger. However, they had one thing in common, they were all delicious. So I wanted to bring you this collection of 18 fabulous tapas recipes.

I can't share everything we did with you, as some were from cookbooks, but this collection I put together for you has many wonderful options for your next tapas night.

Perhaps some of you are not familiar with tapas. Basically, these are Spanish snacks that are generally served in a bar in Spain. It is served one after another and this includes its food. I hope you enjoy our collection of Spanish tapas recipes! I want to "eat well" or eat well!

Spanish tapas recipes

Spanish tapas are canapes, sandwiches or small dishes from a variety of different dishes that originated in Spain. In fact, Spanish tapas come in many different varieties and forms and may vary depending on where in Spain you are visiting.

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How to make tapas

There are several different ways of making tapas. Considering the variety of ingredients that can be used to create delicious small plates, there are tapas recipes for everyone.

From Patatas Bravas, Catalan Spinach, Baked Feta Cheese with Olives and Lemon to Marinated Red Peppers and Shrimp in Romesco Sauce. The list continues with Fresh Cheese, Cheese and Apples, Chorizo ​​Stuffed Mushrooms and Dates Stuffed with Mascarpone with Pomegranate and Honey.

The possibilities are as endless as the tapas will seem.

Easy tapas recipes

From potatoes to other vegetables to cheese or seafood and more, Spanish cuisine is full of flavor! Each bite will bring a touch of delicious flavors to share with family or friends!

Tapas dishes can be served hot or cold and some can be served in any way or at room temperature. Eating tapas evokes conversation and friendship. There will always be something wonderful to talk about when plate after plate comes out to tempt all the senses.

Olives and Spanish olive oil are very essential in tapas and almost always some dishes will include these ingredients at some point in the meal. You can start with simple marinated olives with plenty of crusty bread for dipping. I made something very similar to this recipe and we all love it.

Tapas can also be very easy to serve, don't be intimidated by the number of dishes. Some like our marinated peppers take just a few minutes to collect and can be prepared in advance. Serving great cheap wine with your meal will add a lot of enjoyment to dinner. Surely we have loved the new Librado with our tapas meals.


Tapas recipes are a fantastic addition to your cooking repertoire. They make a fun night of fun and are perfect for reunions and parties. Instead of serving a great meal to your guests, you can choose to serve delicious Spanish tapas. There is a wide variety of tapas recipes, from vegetarian tapas to beef, chicken, chorizo ​​or pork tapas, there is something for everyone.

18 fabulous tapas recipes

Patatas Bravas by Noshing With The Nolands

18 fabulous tapas recipes

Spanish Omelette from Scrummy Lane

18 fabulous tapas recipes

Catalan Spinach from Foolproof Living

18 fabulous tapas recipes

Marinated Roasted Red Peppers at Noshing With The Nolands

18 fabulous tapas recipes

Dates filled with mascarpone with pomegranate and honey from Foolproof Living

18 fabulous tapas recipes

Baked Feta Cheese with Olives and Lemon by The View From Great Island

Common questions about tapas

What are tapas?

Tapas are essentially small plates of food from Spanish cuisine. Basically like bar snacks served along with drinks.

Tapas are great as a snack or even as a meal when preparing a variety of different types. These little plates are a great way to try a wide variety of different foods without overfilling your belly and emptying your wallet.

Serving these recipes is great for entertaining, because most are easy to prepare and with such a wide range of recipes that they are sure to suit the different tastes of your guests.

What are the three popular tapas?

There are cold tapas, such as cheeses and mixed olives, or hot tapas, such as chopitos. Chopitos are fried squid and breaded.

18 fabulous tapas recipes

Shrimp in Romesco Sauce by The View From Great Island

18 fabulous tapas recipes

Spanish Garlic Shrimp from Life Tastes Good

18 fabulous tapas recipes

Aioli potatoes by the Manu menu

18 fabulous tapas recipes

Pickled Mushrooms from the Manu menu

18 fabulous tapas recipes

Spanish Octopus Tapas Recipe Sous Vide by Healthy Living by Jeanette

18 fabulous tapas recipes

Sweet potato Spanish omelette bites and cupcake chorizo ​​and kale chips

Where does the word tapas come from?

There are many debates about the origin of tapas. Depending on what part of Spain it is, you may have different opinions.

The first tapas are said to have been simply a large piece of bread that was placed on top of a drink to keep flies away. The word "Tapas" is said to have been born from this experience.

Tapas serve as an incredible way to entertain and enjoy delicious food. There are many recipes that can be used to create delicious tapas. Try your luck in this Spanish cuisine and enjoy.

18 fabulous tapas recipes

Vegan spicy omelette rolls in the freezer

18 fabulous tapas recipes

Queso Fresco Cheese and Apples Noshing With The Nolands

18 fabulous tapas recipes

Culinary Ginger Chorizo ​​Stuffed Mushrooms

18 fabulous tapas recipes

Culinary Ginger Sauteed Mushroom and Rosemary Bruschetta

18 fabulous tapas recipes

Noshing With The Nolands Cheese in Oil

18 fabulous tapas recipes

Spanish tapas party recipes by Flavor Mosaic

fabulous recipes tapas

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